Translated From: Marcelo Tinelli and Guillermina Valdés separated after 9 years of relationship…

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Marcelo Tinelli and Guillermina Valdés separated after 9 years of relationship and a common son, Lorenzo, eight years old. Ángel de Brito confirmed the news on the air of LAM (America), while Yanina Latorre stressed that the couple had been going through a deep crisis for a long time. “It all started after family vacations in Punta del Este,” she said.

The little angel remarked that the breakup was motivated by some differences in coexistence. “They have children separately, who have different lifestyles and in Punta del Este coexistence was rare. Marcelo went on a family trip with her grown children and Guillermina would not have liked that, “she said in reference to the visit to Tijuana, Mexico, where Mica Tinelli is with her partner, the soccer player Lisandro López .

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In addition, he pointed out that the decision was made by the model and that the host of ShowMatch and La Academia was not convinced. When consulted by the host of the show cycle, Tinelli stated that they were separated and did not want to give any details about it. “I’m not going to say anything, out of respect for both of us, but we’re doing great,” he said.

The driver and the model exchanged messages with Ángel de Brito where they clarified that it was on good terms. (Photo: Instagram / marcelotinelli)

Guillermina also spoke with De Brito and recognized that, even if it had ended, the bond was very good: “We parted on very good terms. And you know how much we love each other. You are a witness.”

In the cycle they also emphasized that there were no third parties in discord. “It is not a crisis, it is separation. In the pandemic they had another separation and then they reconciled, “said the driver.

The love story between Marcelo Tinelli and Guillermina Valdés

The romance between Marcelo Tinelli and Guillermina Valdés began in 2013: she had ended, in 2011, a 13-year relationship with Sebastián Ortega, the father of three of her children -Dante, Helena and Paloma-.

Marcelo Tinelli and Guillermina Valdés separated after nine years. (Photo: Instagram / showmatch).

“She was nobody’s wife,” Valdés clarified some time after whitening the link with the driver. It is that at that time Ortega himself had aired an alleged infidelity when they were still a couple.

Marcelo and Guillermina had a brief crisis in 2020. “Hello everyone, I wanted to tell you that with Guillermina, we are going through a crisis and we have decided to separate, after these almost 8 wonderful years that we have lived. We feel that it is the best for both of us, and we will share a wonderful and beloved son, who will always have his parents present. Thank you all for the infinite love you give us at all times. I love you”, he had expressed in a statement. However, they managed to mend the relationship.

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