30 thoughts on “Margot Robbie Kisses and Tells on Will Smith E News

  1. what ever they do in their relationship is their business.. i feel like that WHOLE situation should have just stayed between the 3 of them. i don't think it was anyone's business to know that information. at all no matter the circumstances. will handled that whole thing pretty maturely. it happened. they worked it out and remained married. whatever was happening between jada and august happened and whatever happened with will and whoever happened. its not any of our business. just my opinion on the situation. :))

  2. There's only two rappers that I know on this Earth personally who can rap without cursing and still make good sense but when you turn rapper Doe actor when you turn rapper to actor that was one weird movie with the rest are great

  3. i see why jada messed up. She just wanted to show will she can also make mistakes. Has nothing to do with love. I can imgine someone married to this guy, must be rough, watching him have a good time with other ladies.. mmmmm

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