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Although it was already known that the actress Marjorie de Sousa and the former beauty queen, Alicia machadoThey were not best friends, it was on the reality show ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ where the opinion of the model was known about the legal situation faced by the former couple and the position of their four-year-old son Matías.

“You do not take away your child’s right to have that person (…) That cannot happen, it is a child’s right, neither yours nor his. And the story that I know, because I am a friend of the other party, plus the ropes that one ties and what I have seen, “Machado said about it.

In this sense, he described the performance of the star of ‘La Desalmada’ as “low”. “That is a base as a person. Just as for me the greatest baseness that a man can do is hit a woman, for me the greatest baseness that a lady can do is try to manipulate or detain a man by force with a child ”, he said.

To this, Marjorie de Sousa herself responded in this regard when she was questioned by journalists from the ‘Suelta la sopa’ program. “My life is not something that matters to you, so I do not have to feel bad or good,” said the actress. In turn, he also revealed that his little Matías is already understanding several things when people comment on it or when they see it on television.

“He is beginning to understand that he is a public figure,” he said, “how do you avoid it? He himself says to me: ‘Mom, that’s not true’, and I say ‘Daddy, we are public figures and that means that we are also people know you, but there is a private life and that is something of yours and mine and nobody else knows it, “he commented to the television program.

Recently, People en Español magazine announced that the ‘Wild Cat’ actress was going to marry Mexican businessman Vicente Uribe, with whom she has been in a relationship for several months. However, the blonde has not yet commented on it. The one who has given clues to a possible marriage has been his ex, Julián Gil, who has demonstrated his relationship with the sports journalist, Valeria Marín, who was a participant in the wedding of his first daughter in the city of Madrid, in Spain. “I love you, Valeria,” he said on that occasion.

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