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You can no longer know who to believe today. In Argentina they assured that Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara had definitively separated, after a new deception by the PSG footballer to the Argentine model. However, the couple took it upon themselves to smash the huge amount of rumors surrounding their relationship today. In fact, both and the rest of his family were seen together in a post on social networks.

Taking advantage of the international break for the FIFA day, the Paris Saint Germain player got on a private plane in the company of his wife and two daughters, and both left for Milan, the city where they lived a few years ago, when the athlete wore the Inter shirt.

On her side, Wanda shared a story on Instagram in which she shows the interior of the plane and one of her darlings during the flight. In the publication, although the couple did not officially pronounce themselves as the businesswoman did a few days ago, they seem a clear warning that everything is going well in the marriage, although it can never be known for sure with both, since they have been both people more media in the world in recent days.

Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara travel to Italy in the company of their daughters. (Photo: Instagram)

Relaxing moment

There is more. A few hours ago, Icardi uploaded a photograph in which he showed a bottle of beer. The Argentine gunner shares that space with Wanda Nara, who is the one holding the container. In the background, there is a pool that, in the words of the woman, is inside the house they have in Paris.

“How nice to come home after a game and have your wife wait for you awake, pile her up and with a very cold one,” Icardi wrote in another publication that, apparently, shows that the couple was able to reconcile, after living moments agitated by a alleged cheating of the player.

The story that Mauro Icardi uploaded with Wanda Nara. (Photo: Instagram)

Icardi and his minutes with PSG

Before the publications shared through social networks, Mauro Icardi played the last four minutes of the match against Bordeaux in Ligue 1. The Argentine replaced Kylian Mbappé in the victory (2-3) in favor of the capital club. Previously, the forward played one minute against RB Leipzig in the Champions League and last week he spent a full time against Lille. At the club level, their role is relegated.

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