Translated From: Mauro Icardi’s gift to China Surez is revealed

Discovered on: 2021-11-10 16:01:12

The + trending New details of the intimate encounter

The love triangle between Mauro Icardi, Wanda Nara and China Surez it is still raging today. This time, they have met more details of the encounters between the Paris Saint-Germain striker and Eugenia Surez. Has been the journalist Yanina Latorre is in charge of bringing it to light.

“He told me that everything I said is true, that Jakob waited for him in the car, that I reserved the room in the name of a polo player and he gave the pink Paris Saint-Germain T-shirt to the China “. Some statements by Yanina Latorre that leave the Argentine in a very bad place.

Even so, he drew some testimony to defend Icardi’s position: “He confessed to me that he did not have sex. That they started talking, he liked it and got hot. That he never defined, that he rushed him. Three days yes, four days no, videto goes, videto comes “. He also said that”keep loving wanda“.

The journalist He told the method that Icardi used together with Jakob Von Plessen, Wanda’s sister’s husband: “PSG does not concentrate at home. When Mauro plays in France he sleeps at home, but he went to the court with Jakob. So. Jakob takes him to the hotel after the court and he stays in the car. of Mauro sleeping “

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