43 thoughts on “Max × Audrey // Crazy İn Love [Gossip Girl Full Story] #gossipgirl

  1. I didn't watch this version of gossip girl but with that thumbnail I thought it was a teacher-student relationship.
    Edit: I've read the comments and he is 26 y-o wow. He should be casted to play a 36 or older

  2. Ik some people ship aki with max and Audrey all together but yeah maybe max has feelings for both of them but I believe he has feelings for someone about more and that is Audrey. My theory is that they will probably hook up all together until Audrey and max get together and aki goes with another guy cause it’s pretty obvious he is not into girls. So far they are giving me chuck and Blair vibes which I love

  3. He embodies Harry Styles’s charisma and charm, like 💯 sure that’s who he’s basing Max on and nothing anyone can say can change my mind period.

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