Source: Meek Mill finna put PAWS on Travis Scott video inside, Nick Cannon say he enjoys knocking women up

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50 thoughts on “Meek Mill finna put PAWS on Travis Scott video inside, Nick Cannon say he enjoys knocking women up

  1. Everyone know Meek is a p word.his not about the streets he just pretends.Travis Scott wait till u get ur cease and desist letter that's all Meek does .push speed n when scene gets hot run to the law.

  2. Biggest problem is the belief that as long as you can afford something you should do it, including creating children and I am not just talking financially. .. Broken homes tend to create broken children (not all the time but a good majority) his numbers are high and risky (7)… besides just playing devil's advocate, is it ok for a man to create multiple children and leave them fatherless due to what he believes is an immediate pending death? How can a man justify creating seeds to possibly leave another man to father? Why risk passing a hereditary disorder through your generations to come, that you yourself know the pain and agony that it comes with? What legacy can he be leaving if he's not here to teach, practice or instill it in them? Is it really about the kids or himself?

  3. Meek Mill better not be acting like Travis Scott cant fight and get his ass beat..I am gonna say I have never heard of Travis Scott getting into it wirh nobody…so whats up Meek you think you can handle him…dont let the hunter get captured by the game…

  4. I think he’s probably paying these women a certain amount to take care of them. There’s no way can be in their lives full time with them being in different states

  5. It’s not just Nick it’s the women who come to agreement with Nick too, They can get any man they want too it just don’t stop at Nick

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