43 thoughts on “Megan Thee Stallion get blackmail by Carl Crawford for work wit BTS, Hood Olympics, crate challenge

  1. She was cleared to release the remix so we’re getting it period 🙌🏼 Yesss BANGTAN Boys 💜
    For anyone who doesn’t know who they are, just know they’re the most humble, respectful, hard working guys, so I’m happy for this collab
    Their music helped me through a lot, and helped me learn how to love myself so for that I’ll always support them

  2. Gossip Girl, you're right! Meghan the Stallion should drop an album and then a Christmas album. Call it a day and keep it moving. See God Don't like ugly, her label is going to loose a significant amount of business when Meghan leave, because no one else is going to want to sign with that label after the way that they treated Meghan! (In my opinion)🥰

  3. This is nothing new. People have been doing this crazy mess for years. Does anybody remember the guy from jackass and the show Ridiculousness. The show showed people from all over doing stupid shit!

  4. He needs to focus on Ericka Banks! Megan has so many endorsements outside of Rap! He’s pissed at her success without him! He’s a sore loser and it shows. He is still getting part of her royalties because she’s under his label. He’s dirty and grimey for trying to bribe her for 100k. I would’ve took his ass to court too. The honorable judge says release the song!!!! Get paid Meg! 🖕🏾Carl Crawford! Let him groom Ericka!

  5. Carl know that Megan is leaving 1501 as soon as that contract runs out. Carl has no control and she will overcome his bs. Carl got a thing for Megan and he's bothered. Megan is going to be fine, keep it moving Meg your steps are not ordered by fools. 😎

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