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29 thoughts on “meghan insults US veterans

  1. Hello Paula looking good yes we Americans are very proud of our veterans and what has been and Megan did was a disgrace what gives them the goal because has been has been stripped of his military titles to interfere in hours and to be making political comments and to be mocking our constitution this is Harry speaking not maggot even though she tells him what to say we Americans have had enough of the two drama queens this is an issue of family issue between the queen Charles and the monarchy and they're the ones that need to resolve it we want to deport Harry he brings nothing good to our country except bitterness Division and hate karma is coming real soon for the both of them enough is enough we Americans say love it or leave it love our country or leave our country they have no love for nobody but themselves and money and not even their invisible children what is it going to take before the queen realizes and Charles especially it's his son to do something or does this have to turn into an international embarrassment and disgrace for the UK before they react I understand your patriotism and how much you love your country but we also love ours and we don't need them in our country for nothing wishing you a blessed day mamita from Panama City Beach Florida

  2. Hi Paula, I can’t figure out why Harry’s wife insisted on God Save The Queen to be played at the ceremony. First of all, did the devil woman forget the words to the American National Anthem ? Secondly, why would she want God Save The Queen played if it represents the Racist, hateful, bigots of the UK?

  3. This is my the Harkles are phonies and nobodies rant. MM demanded that the UK God Save the Queen national anthem be played? WHY IS IT THAT NO ONE CAN SAY "NO" TO THIS NOBODY? I didn't yet send my letters of protest to the Joint Chiefs or the VA. I'm glad now that I didn't because they had nothing to do with it. They didn't have anything to do with the medals being given to US Veterans by a foreign royal. So the Harkles PR made this little Intrepid museum medals for Vets nothing event in the grand scheme, and had nothing to with the VA, the Joint Chiefs of staff cabinet members, like it was reeeeeeeeeally a big deal. It is to the Veterans and families, but in the big picture, it's all pee-wee stuff. Pretend stuff. Look at us. We're with the swells and power people of the city. See how important we are. IT WASN'T IMPORTANT. THEY AREN'T IMPORTANT. I double anyone will ever "take a call" from the douce-ass of Sucks-ass. The Harkles are so low class they think their "tour" to NYC, and now the pretend "gala" event, were all recognition of their importance and the success of their PR vipers' campaign to paint the Harkles in a different light so the US, the world, will think they are really OK people. It's a joke. Their PR people comb the Internet and any other sources they can because they are desperate to "display" the Harkles, to show case them, to shine the lights on them, that they end of sending their bosses to these dip shit events and meetings with UN delegate and mayor of the city. They want it to look like it means something. It means nothing. The intention of the vaccine concert in NYC was great, but to have the Harkles up there on stage with microphones in hands giving their trussed up word salad speeches was a joke and is a joke every time they open their mouths. They looked like idiots when Migraine leaned against H. on the stage as a show of how much this in love couple contribute so much and are so in love. They don't even get paid for showing up! The truth is they had the biggest fight the whole time in NYC that their staff had ever seen. And they pour all this security b.s. over everything so that the Harkles themselves feel important and people think they are important because they are are wheeled around in these black SUVs in Monteshito and NYC with enough armament to survive a nuclear hit. It's all made to appear as if city dignitaries, our a US UN delegate would meet with them, and they discussed such and such, means the Harkles are important people. Influential people. It is all fake. They are not important and they are not influential. They are spoiled children who play dress up in hundreds of thousands of dollars in designer this and Cartier watches and earrings that and having millions of dollars a year spent on fake security means something. They don't need that kind of security. It's all smoke and mirrors. No one cares about them to assassinate any of them or kidnap the Silicone dolls. H.'s brain is so saturated with Migraine's lies that he thinks she is Diana reincarnate and there are people who want to kill her. They are nothing. Like Paula M said, they are nobodies.

  4. Speaking as a US Veteran I can say that while I was in the Army during the Gulf War, you had to take orders from your highers (most of the time, I didn't really) or they can face backlash.
    I'm not sure that they were told about "God Save The Queen" being played because you gotta understand, things can get a bit strange and I could guess that the reason they stood up during that song is because they did not know and did not know what to do as this is not a situation that they would usually be in. They were probably wondering what they should do and if they were doing the right thing.
    Were any of them told beforehand about this and if so, are you sure that they were told about what to do when another anthem is played. We learned about it, but I would not be surprised if it came as a surprise to them OR they were ordered to that. So, I would like to know whether or not they knew about this or did they just find out about it at the last minute because the ones who catch the most grief are usually the ones who have the least authority.

  5. Paula, you are a bubble headed woman.

    First you had the audacity to attempt to tell Americans about OUR Constitution and now you are attempting to tell veterans about our oaths.

    Woman, you are a bubble head.

    Yes, if a foreign officer is on our base and we pass him, we are expected to render a salute. No, we are not committing treason.

    Just STOP telling Americans about our Constitution and STOP telling veterans about our duties. You are coming across as an IDIOT!

    If you MUST teach others, teach them about anything Canadian; but, I strongly suspect you will screw that up too.
    Just STOP! You are embarrassing yourself and don't even have the intellect to know it!

  6. mm is ignorant. She is not informed about anything and she is not interested enough to educatee herself. She shallow and is only interested in her image, optics and money. They took a long walk from the back when the British national anthem was played so it would look like it was playing for them….. i.e. God save h&mm, they worse than disgusting. Intrepid museum should be shut down for hosting this charade for these two disgusting turds

  7. Playing the UK national anthem was a disgrace to our country. They made honoring the veterans all about them. Although the UK National anthem is beautiful, they are not representing the Queen. I don’t know why the RF is allowing this level of disrespect not only to the Queen but to the American military.

  8. Harry, as a Captain, was out ranked by many of those at that ceremony. It was out of protocol for Harry to be handing out medals there at all. His title of Prince means nothing. Whoever set this up should be fired.
    Thank you Paula for a very good report.

  9. My father was stationed to the Intrepid for several years. I remember getting to sail on it when the families where invited on board for the day. It was very exciting for us as children getting to run about all over the ship.
    When it was being decommisioned my father managed to salvage one of the coffee tables which sits in his living room.

  10. Paula, you are saying the same things I wrote, more carefully, a long time ago on other people’s videos. I am reaching the point of intolerance, and am so relieved to hear you pick up these reins! Your intelligence and sensitivity leads you to all of the appropriate issues, so I truly wish that you would doubt yourself less. As I started to say, with regard to intolerance, I only meant that that their titles must be removed or ill be forced to stop reading about Haz and Haznot- for my mental health,😂

  11. Do you know what Paula, your very educated and are driven by truth. The extra you walk to reveal the poisonous ambition of Megan! closely followed by Megan's lamb. Thankyou for doing this xx

    Once again I ask how do they walk into these opportunities? Sunshine Sachs?

  13. I love Canada as well! My daughters and I have spent years of summers in The lake Muskoka area and Toronto for the holidays .. and I love my homeland the states … being patriotic is a gift … I grew up with six siblings in Air Force, Army and Marines (2 in each!) I , on their behalf, am horribly offended by his behaviour.. such a farce!

  14. I served in the U.S. Army for 10 years, 23 days. Part of what you said is true. We only salute our own flag but if there were a joint ceremony where another country was honored, we wouldn't be rude. There would be no reason for the UK to be represented at an American event.

  15. She (and He) cannot be allowed to cr_p all over everybody and go on their merry way! I mean, at which point exactly are privileged folk held to account and made to pay just like any other human being? I’d kind of like to know. 🤨

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