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27 thoughts on “Meghan is canceled

  1. My daughter has MS and I have had to live with her for the last 6 years! Pity Samantha the disease is horrible but it will never cost her the children. Me again might have more sympathy she is excused the word (bitch) no heart nothing. Thank you for your channel xcx

  2. Having just “ONE” Family member at your wedding and not just any wedding should have rang alarm bells, I’m not talking about wedding bells. Even her own mother knew her daughter was faking it.That’s why she never looked up. Shame and guilt.

  3. You should be happy that knauf did what he did. At least he has provided vital information to show what meme really is. Knowing her, she would have found someone else to do her dirty work (if he didn't help her) and THAT person may NOT have come out with the truth. Also the palace would have been happy if her reputation improved. They most likely believed meme! According to you knauf should have refused…leave meme will do whatever it takes to destroy the royals and her own family. You have just wasted your time!

  4. Do you not believe the Royal family place Jason there ?
    Thats a very British manuvore.
    Intelligence and infiltrate. (Spy)
    Keep your friends close but ya enermies closer. .

  5. Back in 2018 Megan was protected by the crown by NDA's.
    Who do you think released Jason Knauf. Hahahaha. Revenge is a best dish served cold.
    The Royal's know all her dirty secrets.
    She will reap what she has sown.

  6. Meg is a disgrace to her family and Haz is a disgrace to his family. All they have done and said about their families are proven lies. They have abused their families, public, government s, media to turn people against their families just to make money in America and for Americans to bow down to them. They should be ignored . Wander how Sunshine Sachs, Oprah, Gail king, Omid, Netflix feel for promoting their abuse,lying,bullying, and devaluing of morals and the laws. So we know they are nothing more than lairs and dividers for trouble makers that cannot bebelieved.

  7. The royal family wanted her to go see her father to make peace with him and stop all the gossip going around, they asked Harry to intervene, but Meghan wouldn't listen, she instead accused the RF of berating Harry. And instead of following their advice, she wrote that letter, with the intention of it be published and "pull on the heart strings" of the public 🙄 She's disgusting

  8. M reminded me of an oompa loompa from Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. She can afford to pay for a professional to do her spray tan. The red prom dress was a poor choice to the event. M prides herself for being intelligent but she never portrays wisdom or class.

  9. Strangely, i remarked somewhere on a post that her arms and legs in were white and her face was brown…..I think she is all over the internet like a rash. Taking notes and acting on comments…just my belief xxx

  10. Wow, it just gets worse for Meghan. I concentrated on her lie about being an only child but there is so much more damaging info coming out in that email exchange with Jason Knauf. The truth that we all knew is finally coming out about her. What a piece of work..

  11. I’m shouting ,because I said it from the beginning there’s going to be a big trouble ,why only one member of her family there what happened to the black family as well as the Markle family.

  12. Let’s face it if a society is judged by how they help the disabled! What kind of a person mocks and lies about them? The same kinda person who attacked a man who had just had a heart operation! She is the lowest of the low

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