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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have once again been seen on a red carpet. After many months in which the couple did not appear in a night act, the Dukes of Sussex reappeared this past Wednesday at the Salute To Feedom gala at the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum in New York, in which Isabel’s grandson II presented the medals in honor of the members of the army for his extraordinary leadership and honor in defense of the United States.

Very smiling and wearing a spectacular red Carolina Herrera dress, Meghan Markle has not left anyone indifferent during her last public appearance. On such a special night, the Duchess of Sussex did not hesitate to make a beautiful declaration of love to Prince Harry. Specifically, when asked if she was proud of her husband for this new awards ceremony, the former actress replied: “I am always proud of him.” A phrase with which she once again makes clear how in love she is with her partner, with whom she is living a sweet moment.

Meghan Markle and Harry reappear in New York


However, this was not the only detail that Meghan Markle left during her big public appearance. As she also did during the ‘New York Times’ summit, the Duchess of Sussex brought back his Poppy remembrance, one of the most distinctive brooches of the British royal family, with which they remember those who died during the First World War. Quite a message to Buckingham Palace at a time when relationships couldn’t be more complicated.

What’s more, Prince Harry himself has recently spoken about his departure from the British royal family. Specifically, the grandson of Elizabeth II has expressed his opinion on the term ‘Megxit’, which was coined to refer to his departure. “Maybe people know it or maybe not, but the term ‘Megxit’ was and still is a misogynistic term coined by a troll, amplified by royal correspondents, which continued to grow and grow until it reached the general media ”, he assured.

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