Source: Melissa Joan Hart Recalls Being FIRED From "Sabrina" | True Hollywood Story | E!

Melissa Joan Hart details the fateful night which ultimately led to her being fired from “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” Watch on “E! True Hollywood Story.”

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The legendary series that tells Hollywood’s most compelling stories and provides a voice to the moments and people reshaping popular culture is back. The return of “True Hollywood Story” will explore a topic, headline, or person that became the ground zero for a revolution, change or shift in culture, told by the people who were on the frontlines of the story.

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Melissa Joan Hart Recalls Being FIRED From “Sabrina” | True Hollywood Story | E!

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27 thoughts on “Melissa Joan Hart Recalls Being FIRED From "Sabrina" | True Hollywood Story | E!

  1. She wasn't fired.. She was ALMOST fired. the shoot happened in 1999.. I still have that Maxim issue.. and the show ran until 2003. I remember hearing how she got into trouble.. It was not just the party that was the issue. She referenced the show in the Maxim shoot and talked about taking a shot of liquor whenever the cat talked.. Ya, it's a family show.. and she was being too edgy for them.. but not too edgy for me!!

  2. Love how they burn redheads as witches historically speaking ….then replace them with blondes on tv. Tried to exterminate but you just envy us so much . It's cute 😉

  3. That was a huge mistake, too. She was and is funny and very likable on camera. She made some Hallmark movies, I think, too. One is where she needs money and she's going to all of her friends' weddings and see how they "cash out" and she gets sat with this guy who they instantly dislike each other. Anyway, long story short, he owes a loan shark for gambling debts and they decide to fake an engagement to get the money, she needs the gifts for her new apartment and he needs the cash to keep his legs intact. it's funny. Fake Fiance. I watched it on YouTube.

  4. Her show was like full house meets Sabrina. It was a show im assuming targeted towards kids and I think it did a good job of that. The sabrina show from this decade was targeted towards teens that’s why they are so different – and it was made in a different time

  5. HOLD UP HOLD UP!!! THIS tv show sabrina is like the new cw spinoff sabrina??? Holy, idk why I never put the pieces together until she said riverdale and I remembered the spin-off.

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