Source: Michael Beasley Breaks Down On The Pivot Podcast “Do I Have To Be In Delonte West Shoes To Get Help”

Michael Beasley Breaks Down On The Pivot Podcast Speaking on Mental Health. Michael Beasley said his mom and family members used to steal money from him. Michael Beasley spoke on the time when Dwight Howard cried and sports analyst called him soft. Michael Beasley said no disrespect but do I have to be like delonte west shoes to get help? Watch the full interview on @The Pivot Podcast #selftalk
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36 thoughts on “Michael Beasley Breaks Down On The Pivot Podcast “Do I Have To Be In Delonte West Shoes To Get Help”

  1. Yeah this culture is very non caring about men. Especially black men. You are scuffed and laughed upon when you show emotions, and when you don't they say we are some of the most insensitive men.

  2. God made us to be loved, People. Christ said enemies will come from within your family. This is a world of reprobate minds. Trust in the Lord. >> Psalms 118:8-9 KJV

  3. I salute mikely beasly soooo muchhh for being man enough to sit there an cry as a man we go through shi so many ppl in this world think just cuz us men go through shi we should just be normal n ok .. nahh

  4. Dude made millions and his dream come true stop cryin kids die everyday at Shriners hospital of cancer and smile when they get a stuff animal suck it up whiner

  5. I saw the interview and it was much needed like this one, modestly mine and others. Plus a great reminder, especially for someone from DC and able to live in the surrounding DC area. That a lot of these brothers and sisters were raised in a Pre-Gentrified major city, we have to keep in mind how savage, thousands of single Black parents (Mainly women) homes, and unresourceful it was for many of us. Sports and entertainment were one of the few ways out and if you come from little to nothing and become a famous millionaire. Social media is controlled in a way we still haven't been able to break away from. Even some of my algorithms have been suppressed, had PTSD, been homeless, and had behavioral health issues. And that's me not really in the spotlight so I definitely feel for those of us who are.

  6. Self Talk this is something that Kwame, Karceno, and yourself should collaborate on regarding the mental health aspect and how it relates to the NBA and the G.A.G.A.G. M. Beasley gave so many nuggets and easter eggs in this interview regarding the league and treatment of players.

  7. I started watching the podcast but stopped because it seemed like he was blaming everyone around him for being bad, which means that he has bad judgement and when he mentioned West it made me pause and reflect on what he was saying.

    He seemed like he said that he was always asking for help, but after helping him a few times, people stopped answering his calls. At what point does he say to himself, I'm going to work this out for myself? That's what made me stop listening, I will try and finish the podcast when I have more time. He seemed a little bit jealous of D. West getting help.

  8. Selftalk Real . Selftalk don't be on negative , selftalk 💯🔥. Remember everyone this could be be you , only thing needs to happen is prices keep rising then we all will need help respect everyone and everything 💯..

  9. This was a tuff one! I watched this live!! He’s holding so much inside and he’s just about to burst. We need that community of non-vultures that just want to help bc it’s the right thing to do! He’s in my prayers! He’s seeking help!! And people just look at him as a wealthy person that’s whining… ❤️🙏🏾

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