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Miguel Varoni, internationally known for playing Pedro Coral in “Pedro el Escamoso” and making the dance of the lollipop popular, has made people talk about his physical appearance. Recently, the famous Argentine actor has been seen very thin and his health has worried his followers.

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During the three decades of his career, Miguel Varoni has participated in several soap operas and series such as “More knows the devil”, “I’m going to teach you to love”, “The house next door” and “Husband for rent”, among many others. However, in recent years, Catherine Siachoque’s husband has been seen very rarely on the small screen.

Now, Miguel Varoni has put his acting career on hiatus to dedicate himself fully to directing and producing fictions on Telemundo, such as “Malverde: the patron saint.” And, among the few appearances he has made, he has recently surprised audiences with his remarkable weight loss. What happened to Miguel Varoni? Why is it so thin? Here is the answer.

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In his most recent appearances on social networks, Miguel Varoni has surprised everyone with the slim figure he looks today. The 56-year-old Argentine actor has lost a lot of weight lately and he looks very different from how we usually know him.

His remarkable thinness has given what to talk about among his followers and, in social networks, speculations have begun to arise about the state of health of the remembered “Pedro el Escamoso”.

“Why is he so thin? What happened?” or “How skinny he is! I hope he is in good health ”, are some of the comments that have been repeated the most about Miguel Varoni.

Although the actor, director and producer has not commented on the matter, his wife Catherine Siachoque spoke about his remarkable thinness. The remembered Mrs. Hilda from “Without breasts there is no paradise” wanted to stop the rumors and speculation on this subject.

“People, I clarify, everyone is saying that Miguel is so skinny because he became vegan, I would be a bone and what I am is envious of seeing Miguel so skinny,” Siachoque commented with laughter in a recent live broadcast on Instagram with the Venezuelan writer Indira Páez

The Colombian actress, who records the new Telemundo telenovela “La mujer de mi vida” in Miami, stated that the reason why Miguel Varoni has lost a lot of weight was due to COVID-19.

Catherine Siachoque explained that Miguel Varoni began to lose weight after contracting COVID-19. This is the reason for his remarkable thinness that has given so much to talk about.

“I think I have never seen someone lose weight so fast, he became so dry, dry, dry and I know a friend who also became inflamed after the covid. I tell him if he had hit me, he would have been inflamed too, he was very skinny, God be blessed, “he said.

Currently Miguel Varoni is fully dedicated to directing and producing fictions on the Hispanic network Telemundo. The Colombian is behind “Malverde: the patron saint,” which airs Monday through Friday at 10 pm ET on the aforementioned network.

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