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After a long time without news of her love life, it seems that Miley Cyrus is ready to give love a new chance. And it is that as confirmed by the portal E! News, the singer is again excited about her new boy, drummer Maxx Morando.

2022 is also being the year of love for international singers. If a few hours ago it was rapper Kanye West who confirmed his relationship with actress Julia Fox, it seems that now Miley Cyrus could be in love again and in a stable relationship.

Since her notorious break-up with singer Cody Simpson, we have really known little about the singer’s love life. However, in recent days the rumors of his new romance with a well-known artist, with whom he has been seen regularly in public, have been increasing.

She was related to Pete Davidson

Although they had been related, the lucky person who now occupies the heart of the artist is not Pete Davidson. And it is that, although many speculated about the nature of their relationship after the special Christmas program Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party, where the singer could have fooled with him, everything has remained a simple rumor.

Of course, let’s see who now returns Kim Kardashian’s follow on Instagram to Miley Cyrus, because it seems that the businesswoman was not very satisfied with the attitude of the artist regarding her new boyfriend.

However, according to the portal E! News, it seems that the singer is in love and is in a relationship with another person, who was also present during the recording of the Christmas program. “I was in the dressing rooms with Miley and Pete in rehearsals and the recording of New Year’s Eve, to have a good time with them,” they have explained from the website.

Miley Cyrus’ new drummer boyfriend

And the singer has not gone far from her guild to find her new partner. The truth is that this young man, 23, also lives off the music industry: he is Maxx Morando, Lilly’s drummer. As confirmed by sources close to the interpreter of Wrecking Ball, everything indicates that “he is happily dating Maxx. His is official.”

“They are artistic and creative, so being musicians unites them. They were all super friendly and it seems they had a great night,” another source explained to E! News.

Although Miley Cyrus, 29, has not yet given details about their relationship or confirmed the romance, the truth is that she does not seem to want to keep her new love a secret. In fact, both were seen together on the red carpet of the Gucci Love Parade fashion show, held in November of this past year, where a photograph of both together set off all the alarms of the singer’s fans.

Miley Cyrus and Maxx Morando // GTRES

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