Source: Mo'Nique goes Awwf while talking to Tammi Roman about the Bonnet It's my business, I will never stop

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41 thoughts on “Mo'Nique goes Awwf while talking to Tammi Roman about the Bonnet It's my business, I will never stop

  1. First impressions is everything because people do judge and comfortably is for home. And people walk around like I don't care you don't take care of me.

  2. Iโ€™ve always agreed with Monique. Stop being so quick to be defensive when a WOMAN is teaching this generation how we should present ourselves. The problem is a lot of people need guidance but donโ€™t see it. Thank you Monique! โ™ฅ๏ธ

  3. Monique is telling the truth it doesn't look good in public. The brunette is for home use.people looks a how you present yourself in public. Iam not judging but I believe it's an honor.

  4. Mind your business period I don't care what ppl say period u don't no any one circumstances like sickness coming from chemo or any type of illness last thing they thinking about is they hair point blank nobody owe any one explanation for y they doing them BW will talk negative on front of the world smh only race that does this it's sick. Old ppl do the most smh live your own life stop looking at strangers and speaking negative

  5. Whats sad is we have got used to being so angry and we live in frustration that we don't know that village of love she speaks about. These parents gave up on they kids and now they grown and don't wanna listen to anyone. They combative about everything!!!! They argue with they family, friends, boss, landlord, the cashier at the store, they boyfriend/girlfriend, baby mama/daddy…..all in ONE DAY so they are a lost cause until they want better. I tip my hat to Mo because I don't love us enough to try to save hard headed young people. I just stay away and when they life fails NO you cant come stay with me๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

  6. If a person wants to be in PJ's looking like they aint washed they a55 yet that's fine. If I choose to roast them and call it like I see it, that's fine too. People can be unapologetically them. Those people need to understand that others will be unapologetically them TOO! You don't get to come out like a ragamuffin and think you can bully people into making excuses for why you LOOK LIKE you don't give AF! NO! You want people to mind they business? Keep them out your business starting with your appearance. Or you gone been that person that don't wash they a55 because they always in pajamas. I'm not excusing your lack of effort for yourself, unapologetically.

  7. I just left the store and I seen 2 girls with Bonnet's on so like some of us said she just wasted her time your sweet Babies these days are not like we were why do she always talk about that husband of her's!

  8. They both are so right and Monique or right cause when we was growing up I bet nobody walking through the airport with dirty panties are dirty drawers maybe cuz they don't care but before you walk out that they always say have on some clean panties get that comb or that pick up out your head look like you belongs to somebody Grandma granddaddy mama and daddy always say it. I get it and I understand it. And I love both of these ladies Tammy and Monique๐Ÿ‘โฃ๐Ÿงก๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒด

  9. This has been a long time coming finally someone could make it public it's just too disgusting and degrading to yourself why would you wear a Bonnet outside your showing how ignorant you are and that came from a elderly women I agree with all Monique has to say I tried to tell my kid this all the time I explained to her when she comes outside like that it shows me as a mother how I conduct myself and seeing her with me like that is ghetto like you from the hood like you get food stamps section 8 or low income housing and is uneducated I am so happy Monique spoke for me as far as Tami imput I Disagree why would you put a Bonnet on boarding a plane they sale many things besides Bonnets to keep your hair from getting messed up please I remember when Bonnet chronicles came out I knew I was not going to support her channel I like Tamm thats my girl but No it is unacceptable Period

  10. Of I know I have a nice hair style and I have a flight over 6+ hours Iโ€™m going to put a bonnet on my head or some type of scarf. If I fall asleep on the plane 9/10 Iโ€™m going to mess my hair up. Iโ€™ll take it off later after my flight is over

  11. Monique is trying to stay relevant!! I don't care to hear about women showing value from a woman that doesn't value herself enough as she allows her husband to have sexual relations with other women lol.๐Ÿคฃ

  12. Where is that in the bible people follow everyone but God I see fighting arguing over anything but when it comes to what God say it's thrower out not accepted nor thought about but. Monique says something y'all all for it Monique can't help to to heaven stop following and be a leader for Jesus

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