Source: MoNique goes in on Vivica Fox, DL hughley, after they accused her husband of being ZESTY. You WRONG

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29 thoughts on “MoNique goes in on Vivica Fox, DL hughley, after they accused her husband of being ZESTY. You WRONG

  1. l agree with you about Monique's husband he keeps going and going yes indeed!! he needs to take some more business classes to sound professional and sign binding work contracts. Stop crying handle your business go home paid !!!! Worry about yourself not everyone else and their Mama !!

  2. I don’t get why ppl can’t to talk about Monique and her husband the father of her kids. But she can’t speak on ppl and Their family too? I thought the saying was don’t douche out what you can’t take back. Why do y’all always wanna hush someone up??? Just because you don’t have no fight in you , and will lay down and take anything don’t mean Monique has to. Lmao

    Notice how the ppl who have something negative to say about Monique never have pics of themselves, just proving how coward they are, can’t even speak with your chest gotta hide behind fake pages Lmao STFU your opinion doesn’t matter.

  3. Monique sounds ridiculous, it’s time for her to be quiet. DL is not on her level of ignorance. He is more level headed and intellectually advanced.

  4. Monique fans are ENABLERS whoever the channel moderator is just "bewildered " as hell thinking Monique didn't go on stage spew venom against DL like a unhinged lunatic it was just mean. Handle that b/s in the back. Dang she always in something lol 50 cent don't play these kinda games Monique be mindful of that 😂

  5. Monique continues to show why people don't want to work with her. She goes in a stupid rant attacking people who had nothing to do with her placement in a line up at a comedy show. Monique is no victim of anything or anyone but herself and her husband. She attacked him before he said what he said. I don't feel why she's upset considering she talked about DL's wife, kids, and everything else.
    Monique (with the help of her "daddy") ruined her career. Everything DL said was the truth. I've said it from the beginning Monique was never blackballed she let her ego get her in her way. She says all her negativity towards others then comes out and tries to talk all soft as a "black woman under attack".

    Monique didn't say what she said at the comedy show because of no game she did way before the comedy show. She once again let her ego get in a way by being an hour late messing up the schedule.
    And you're speaking before you let Monique try to "defend" herself. While you're arguing a point that DL could have cut the other host off, Monique was in the process of saying he wasn't even there that day. And why answer the question if you don't agree with it?.

  6. The more I listen to your show. The more I see you for who you are. It's obvious you're riding for Monique. Monique called this man DL and now she's mad because someone called her husband sus. I was one rooting for Monique, but I seriously believe she has a chemical imbalance.

  7. She'll be complaining about her money when fiddy don't pay her right. Ghost already said he didn't get paid what he was worth. (Whatever that means). Have to turn off the bs. Too many blk folks getting distracted with nonsense and these people trying to have BW killed.

  8. Monique need to keep he business with the person she's having business with. Not on stage. Not on the internet. Cause when people start in with you, it's because of the initial action. Blk folks gonna keep embarrassing themselves and look crazy online. She needs to stick to acting etc. 🙄

  9. It's all too sad 😥 this was a bad businesses agreement gone awry and turned into personal attacks. Its a reality comedy show in real time. This is Funny!!!!!!! I can't wait till tomorrow!!!!!!

  10. Don’t let me Holla!!🤣😂🤣😂 I am distracted because Monique got that hairstyle and no upper teeth in her mouth. 🤦🏾🤦🏾 I’m still for Monique🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾🤦🏾

  11. Monique is so full of it, she is back paddling, she can say whatever she wants, but soon as someone says something about and her family it's a problem. She planned the entire they got y'all fooled with my babies I love you. This is what she does every time she gets caught with her hand in the cookie jar, know she can't win in court that's why they're taking it to social media.

  12. Monique crossed the line and if you think she didn't, something is wrong with you. . Monique through the first rock and now is upset because the comedians hit her back with a stone. Monique was the first one that questioned the sexuality of DL Hugley. Monique is no victim. Monique needs counciling. Gossip girl I love you but Monique started the beef. Monique has a beef with Oprah, Tyler, Lee Daniels, Sheryl Underwood, Kim Whitley, Whoopi Goldberg, Charlemagne and the list goes on and one. All of these people couldn't be wrong. I hope that Monique and DL Hugley can take a break and then sit down and resolve this amicably, because with all that is going on in the world, we don't need to be divided.

  13. The more information that comes out the crazier Monique looks. Her husband also gives me the creeps.

    Unfortunately, delusional people like Monique & her fans will never admit when wrong is wrong. There’s no point in talking to people like that. Let’s see if she calls 50 a king when she gets upset about something else too 😅

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