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Montserrat spoke about the alleged ties of the drug trafficker with celebrities

In recent days, constant criticism has been unleashed thanks to the book Emma and the other narco ladies written by the journalist Anabel Hernández, since several personalities of the show appear, so Montserrat Oliver decided to give his opinion on the matter.

According to the investigation carried out by Anabel Hernández, the television stars had close ties with the most powerful drug traffickers in the country, among these names those of Galilea Montijo, Sergio Mayer, Ninel Conde, Joan Sebastian, Charly de Garibaldi and more stand out.

In a meeting that Montserrat had with the press, she was questioned about this issue, the also model revealed that she laughs because the rumors are not new. He also confessed that it was always known that famous people went to meetings or parties headed by criminals, since it represents a source of work.

“It makes me laugh that today they are scared of that when it is well known that in many areas there have been private parties and everything. And most of them have gone to do their shows, so why judge? “, Commented the host of Montse & Joe.

The famous woman was shown with her characteristic sense of humor (Photo: Instagram / @ montserrat33)

Regarding the alleged romantic relationships, Oliver said that the “heart does not see the jobs.” He made it clear that when he falls in love with someone you don’t ask him what he does or where his income comes from.

“I have not been with any drug trafficker, but if I had been with one, then I would have told them, if I knew what it was and it went well, it would be my problem. Although it hasn’t happened to me yet, we don’t know tomorrow ”, Montserrat admitted with a laugh.

Several of the artists mentioned in the book have denied the rumors, the one that caused the most stir on social networks was Galilea Montijo for uploading a video crying and expressing her disagreement over the controversy that was generated. Ninel Conde also decided to clarify the issue and spoke in an interview yesterday.

“I am calm because I have a 23-year career working honestly, making a patrimony for my children, it has not been easy, what I have is based on work and effort. I am a woman of faith who has run into adversity, this is complex. However, I am fine because we have all the sufficient elements to give accounts that have to be given, “said the singer.

“The killer hottie” was upset by the rumors (Photo: Ninel Conde / Instagram)

On the other hand, Monserrat was questioned about the problem of Yolanda Andrade and Laura Zapata. “If you look for her, you will find her, Yolanda has been telling truths lately after everything that has happened, she has already healed many things in herself, alcoholism and other things. Sometimes I tell him that it happens, that this is for old people, who already do not have filters, “said the television presenter.

Recall that a month ago, Yolanda revealed that she had an affair with a famous singer and it was speculated that it was Thalía, so Laura made strong statements against the host. “Poor man, he has nothing to do. Harmful, toxic, harmful, bad entrails. Better that he talk about his father, his brother, that they died since they were dedicated, “Zapata wrote from his Twitter account.

Later, Montserrat Oliver assured that Andrade never spoke about Thalía and her love life. “That was never said, I do not understand why they put Thalía in this roll ?, but I will not say anything about Yolanda’s romances, she knows what she does with her life,” the model concluded.


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