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The 2021 Neighbors series began filming (Photo: Instagram / @ Neighborsoficial)

After the terrible death of Octavio Ocaña, who played “Benito Rivers” for many years in the series Neighbors, the actors in the production are now ready for the filming of the new season. However, they have not stopped showing their sadness for the death of the actor.

Such is the case of Roxana Castellanos, who in her most recent meeting with the media, stressed how difficult it will be to return with the absence of Ocaña.

“It will be a return with many mixed feelings for the death of Octavio Ocaña, but we cannot make a better tribute to him than to return to the set where we recorded with him since he was very young,” he said.

He also gave a few more details about the tribute that will be paid to the actor during these new episodes of the program broadcast on Televisa.

“Yesterday I spoke with the producer and they are thinking about how they will address what happened, how they will handle it between producers and writers, but surely something nice will be paying homage to our beloved Octavio,” said the actress.

Castellanos explained that throughout the process he has been in constant communication with those closest to “Benito (Photo: Instagram / @ larox07)

Similarly, Castellanos delved into the fact that throughout the process he has been in constant communication with those closest to “Benito”.

I was pending with Nerea, the bride, with the funerals, and what happens afterwards I don’t care. What matters to me is that my friend is dead and I don’t care why it was or how it was

And he mentioned that the appreciation shown by the public and many of the members of the show was due to the type of person the actor was.

“It usually happens when someone dies that we all say: ‘How good it was!’, But I think that with Octavio in particular we had not realized the affection (that people had for him) because he was a young boy, but he was 16 years old in the television working ”, declared Roxana.

Just on November 2, the actress confessed for Hoy that the production was already preparing a well-deserved tribute for her partner, as at the time it was done in honor of Polo Ortín, who gave life to “Don Roque” in the series and died in 2016.

Scene from the meme “Sure, the rich always humiliating the poor.” (Photo: Comedy District)

“Of course, a tribute will be paid to Polo Ortín, who was my grandfather in Vecinos, at the time. Also when the character disappears, because they are always remembered ”, he declared.

Although the actress did not give more details about it at that time, it is expected that the story where Octavio Ocaña grew up will dismiss him as he deserves, because for around 16 years he appeared as one of the most iconic characters with his funny occurrences and his constant castings of the ones that his parents “Lorena” and “Frankie Rivers” wore.

The also television host recalled how it was for her to work with the little 6-year-old Octavio until he became a 22-year-old. Roxana mentioned that it seemed incredible to her that “Benito” managed to learn his lines and did not use a prompter.

“It was a child who came to a forum with only adults at age 6, a child who did not use a pointer, who arrived with all his scenes memorized, that even if in a rehearsal we forgot the text, he would tell you “, said.


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