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Naomie Harris opens up and makes public an unfortunate episode that she had to live when she was auditioning for a casting. The British actress known for her roles in ‘James Bond’ or ‘Moonlight’, among others, speaks openly of the sexual harassment that exists in the industry, recounting how she suffered it in the first person when a great Hollywood star “reached out” to her.

The 45-year-old interpreter does not reveal the name of the protagonist of these incidents, but she does assure that he is a “huge, huge star” from the mecca of cinema. When Harris was in full audition for an important casting, the individual began to touch her under her skirt in front of everyone without caring about the rest of the people present. “What was most shocking is that the casting director was there, and the director, and of course, nobody said anything because he was, and is, a great star,” says the actress in statements for ‘The Daily Mail’.

“That was my only #MeToo incident, so I felt lucky given how widespread that behavior is,” she continues. The actress celebrates that with each passing year there is much more awareness and repudiation against this type of act since a similar situation also occurred in one of her latest projects and measures were taken immediately. “Now things have definitely changed. I was in a project where there was a #Metoo incident and there was no hesitation as the perpetrator was immediately removed, ”he explains. At the insistence of the interviewer, Harris makes it clear that he does not intend to give more details about it.

His trajectory

Naomie Harris has been involved in the film industry since the early 21st century. He participated in several series until his first opportunity on the big screen came thanks to the film ’28 days later ‘in 2002. An excellent performance in front of the cameras that led him to other such blockbuster films such as the’ Pirates of the World ‘saga. Caribe ‘,’ El gran coup ‘,’ Corrupción en Miami ‘or’ Dueños en la calle ‘, among others.

Her career was boosted when she was chosen to play the role of Moneypenny in the last three films of the ‘James Bond’ saga. She has an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress for ‘Moonlight’ and two BAFTA nominations.

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