Source: Narcissist cheats, leaves them for new supply but tries to come back. Decoding Narcissists Texts 10

On this episode a possibly narcissistic (definitely toxic) man cheats on his girlfriend and ends up leaving her for a new person. She blocks him on everything but he creates fake accounts and watches her on her fitness journey and then decides to reach out cause he… “made a mistake”

Welcome my channel! If this is your first time seeing my face or hearing my voice, my name is Lee and I am a self aware narcissist. I have narcissistic personality disorder ( NPD ) and I’ve been in therapy for my personality disorder since 2017 and it has definitely changed my life because without it, I would have lost everything.

The point of these videos is to help bring awareness from the other side of the narcissistic *buse spectrum. All my videos give perspective on why many narcissists do what they do and the possible different reasons behind them. The victims and survivors get validation and the Narcissists (those that are willing) get to see that you can get help and that you are not alone.

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28 thoughts on “Narcissist cheats, leaves them for new supply but tries to come back. Decoding Narcissists Texts 10

  1. This is EXACTLY what my ex does. We share a son so although I left, I have to deal with him. Then he tries to gaslight by angrily saying "I've apologized to you over and over. Guess you forgot. If I was a narcissist, I wouldn't apologize. I knew you were the narcissist because you never apologize. I at least own my mistakes"

  2. Another example(narcissistic ex) :
    Closure! That's all I wanted, thought we owed each other that at least in person.. But I can see how much this relationship really meant to you. And I shall definitely not bother you anymore. This was the only relationship I ever had that meant anything at all to me. But I can tell how much it did to you and It's okay, I'm over it.. All I expected was a genuine closure in person after everything we went through.. Clearly you don't believe in that.. Anyway it's okay, we're better off.

  3. Beautiful break-down of the mind-set of a NARC Lee, 👏🏻💯🙏🏼 God Bless you and your family..💟 Hahha plea plea please, LMAO, peeking between your fingers, just like a 3 yr. child..🤪😂🤣

  4. “I know you hate me”, a line a lot of narcs use YET they love to play they are the victim!? Makes zero sense. Why would I hate someone who’s so innocent if I was always the problem in your eyes? It’s bc they know they are the issue and terrible people deep down.

  5. Mine always copied me, his other chicks, movies etc…! He would send romantic messages I sent him to others!! What!!! Yes, no shame or individuality! He was always listening and observing others
    To see what he could take from them to use in his wicked game and make himself look cool!! So he could attract more supply. Crazy how it always works. Till the new supply starts figuring him out..😒😒oops time to move on to the next..

  6. Lee please do more of these! This is so helpful in our daily lives. Seeing the toxicity in the texts broken down like this helps us recognize it when we see it IRL.

  7. Going through it now, he is saying he’ll shut off our (me and the kids) utilities and have us evicted for having him blocked when it’s in our court order to only communicate through the app. I’ve had enough, I’m calling the bluff and if he goes through with it it will be public knowledge that’s how he treats his kids. Trash human being

  8. “I’m ending it sometime this week…or so”. Too funny.

    I wonder if the saying “actions speak louder than words” means a damn thing to a narcissist.

  9. Thank you, Lee! Your videos are great!!!🤗🌞 Please, if possible, make more videos about stalking – I mean how to get a narcissist lose interest & just leave you. Because I've heard that narcissists can keep monitoring your life for YEARS even if you block them. So, how to make them lose interest & leave you alone?

  10. Mine husband is so NPD he is to superior to initiate anything with his family. You have to reach out to him. He can do Silent treatment for years. If you invite him to come over or call or text first he will answer phone, text back, and come over. Is this called reverse Hoover he has always been this way.

  11. New follower, I appreciate these videos and have been watching and liking. Do you have A video on physical abuse from A functioning high alcoholic (living A lie at work) promising to become devoted to you, also their religion and stop drinking?

  12. He is done with me. He hates me told me to kill myself. Blocked me everywhere. He give a shit about me. What I don't understand He always replied to emails from me and my family every email was leave me alone ,don't contact me anymore…and many insults. All our emails go into his spam why he reply? He's on dating-apps since day 1 he discarded me. I'm the one who reach out to him he only reply but with horrible hatred and don't want that any if my family or me contact him anymore….he said stop emailing me and I'll stop to reply about the truth about all of you….I can't even be mad at him. He is dating,not drinking anymore like he did and he knows he is very good looking..

  13. This is my ex fiancé and he’s with the girl he cheated on me with. He left while k was pregnant and keeps calling and texting me from the girl’s phone and she even knows it.

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