Source: Natalie Nunn is MAD goes AWFF on RED from Bad Girls Club after she gets PAWED, Redd feels SETUP

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34 thoughts on “Natalie Nunn is MAD goes AWFF on RED from Bad Girls Club after she gets PAWED, Redd feels SETUP

  1. Imagine living life like this? That the only thing you're known for is being garbage. How old is she now and she still on this bad girl thing. Like move on already.. but she can't cuz she has no life skills. Or goals. I'm sure her husband just loves her still doing this point she is our clown and she is dancing with clown makeup on for us.

  2. Even a bad girl has to grow up at some point. Redd has moved on and doing her. She’s soon getting married to her fiancé. She has far more important things to worry about. Natalie, have a husband and a child that she needs to be attending to.

  3. Ion like Natalie but she ain’t never been pussy. But she definitely contradicted herself because she said at first she didn’t have security then she says she was standing by security so which one was it sis ??

  4. Idk why y’all so surprised by Natalie’s behavior. If a woman has green eyes, light skin and a deep voice they was born toxic and they gonna remain toxic 😂🥴🤣 Red big butt is toxic too so……😕🤦🏽‍♀️😂

  5. Lawd have mercy would any of these so called grown women with husbands and kids ever grow tf up … Natalie sounds so ignorant and dumb as hell … She has a whole daughter still acting like a bad girls club castmate … Let it go girl let it gooooooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Still immature….ghetto and dad!! Any woman that still hasn't learned self control and arguing over petty things tells alot. Now wonder her generation has passed this idiotic behavior down to this next gen….the sick stupid cycle continues. Smh…😒

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