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Adamari López was one of the jurors in the Miss Universe 2021 in which Harnaaz Sandhu was crowned, who represented India

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The controversy seems to be very close to Adamari Lopez lately and who knows when he plans to ditch her. Now, the presenter has again received negative comments from the public that follows her after her participation as a jury in the Miss Universe in which Harnaaz Sandhu, the representative of India, was crowned over the representative of Paraguay, Nadia Ferreira.

They talk about the Puerto Rican presenter discriminating against the Paraguayan participant. Some of the most prominent comments in the latest Instagram post by Adamari López, which is a video in which she wears a sensational black dress and makeup that highlights her eyes, are the following:


“Your position at MU was too big for you, where was the objectivity?

“I admired you a lot but since yesterday you were so disparaging of my people with my country (Paraguay) I can tell you that you have disappointed an entire country.”

“I had you on a pedestal, now I understand the bad comments towards you. Nadia Ferreira MISS UNIVERSE even if you don’t like it ”.


“I dropped an idol.”

Another moment that Adamari López has lived recently and that has earned him public criticism is due to Olga Tañón, who assured, according to what is said there, that the Puerto Rican presenter put on a gastric balloon to lose weight.

Many of López’s followers agreed with the singer and attacked the presenter herself for allegedly lying to them about the way she lost weight.

“The problem is not Olga Tañón. That she is a divine so real and direct, that she spoke a truth that we all already knew. The problem is that he lied and that with only exercises he managed to lose weight from one day to the next, but I don’t understand why he gets so upset, the foam went up to his head ”, they told him on that occasion. Has Adamari lied?

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