Source: Nene Leakes say Kandi protected Tiny after she was accused of R, but treated her different 4 a joke

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32 thoughts on “Nene Leakes say Kandi protected Tiny after she was accused of R, but treated her different 4 a joke

  1. It’s a shame that Nene would go on an interview to say this when Kandi took up for her when it all happened. Kandi even had people looking at her sideways because she was defending Nene’s action when her, herself just had allegations put on her in a previous season. Nene knows the difference. Kandi is a boss in ever sense of the word but she isn’t the boss of Xscape. She has no control over who’s in the group and who isn’t in the group. Also it had to be announced since she was already being promoted as a part of the show, so Nene need to cut it out. Nene has always tried to find a problem to have with Kandi.

  2. That's not how candy told it. There were people pushing her to tell nene she had to go and you guys should remember kandi and her husband do the exact same thing tiny and t.i do invite people in their bed it shouldn't be a surprise 🤔

  3. Nene is so desperate. She has always been jealous of Kandi and now the only way she can be relevant is to keep talking abt her. Oh and by also being delusional such her “Beyonce” comment.
    Nobody is affected by Nenes words. She always comes out thinking she’s shaking the table meanwhile the majority already know she’s just clout chasing bc she has no transferable skills that she can profit from other than stereotypical bw villain. That mess gets old after awhile. She cldv used this time to empower women but she chose to look down on them. She made her choice and she needs to accept that.

  4. When you have things going for you and these accusations are out friend or not she must pay her bills To and Tiny not paying Kandis bills But it's industry Demonic Lifestyle they all involved in some way or another Jugement Day will come we All must Face

  5. This is truth. Regardless if your a Kandi fan or not. I can't get with the entire biased support all women narratives & phony movements. Regardless if this Tiny & TI mess happened or not, Hollywood, MeToo & public opinion decided to push the Movement that we Believe All Women.
    Bill Cosby's, R Kelly, Weinstein & a few others were taken out by this movement based off the narrative "Believe all women." It didn't then, that the supposed acts happened years ago, noone was dissecting the Victims stories for discrepancies, it didn't make a difference that public opinion found these men guilty before they were tried in the court of law; none of these things mattered and this standard was created and applied by the MeToo movement & their supporters.
    But now they want to get silent, now these celebs want to keep their opinions to themselves. Kandi has been vocal about matters such as these, now that it's her BF being accused, she has nothing to say?
    People love to play Morality Gods behind a Hashtag but up close & personal their just biased demons.
    Either you believe Rape is wrong or you dont. But at least stand on your truth. Nene made a perfect point, it simply truth.

  6. First off nothing is proven tiny them. Nene said what she said and that is proven. Just stop. Ppl just be trying to bring down famous ppl these days after they take part in shit or so. Just like Bill Cosby n R Kelly.. Hush.

  7. There is a difference Nee Nee, we actually heard you say what you said about "R" o that comedian show, It is still yet to be proven in TI and Tiny situation of any associations to "R". so while you may be looking for some kind of injustice, sympathy or empathy in matters…there is none…Next

  8. 1. Im a huge Kandi fan……but there was something to the "dungeon" accusation. THAT'S why she wants Phaedra away. And you can especially see it now with the TI and Tiny situation. Kandis not innocent and I believe they all work or have worked together. I hate to admit it but I think Phaedra was on to something.
    2. Nenes not a friend to anyone and shes likely to say anything. Look how she acccused Andy and the whole Bravo franchise. How he's "like family" because there's talk she may be coming back on the show. She's a flip flopper so she goes whatever way the wind blows..or the money lol She never really liked Kandi anyway, period.

  9. Mrs. Nene please start and acting career don't know if that's gonna Pan out your club is beautiful and so are you don't be so upset with Kandi I think your jealous acting like Kenya know why would you go so low

  10. If Kandi and Tiny are still friends than that's what you call a Good one period if we're friends ji take that seriously an expect you to honor that rather we still around or not that's the true definition I don't want those people in my circle they can't be trusted so kadi is right period

  11. This was to different things, NeNe is trying to deflect her bad behavior for something she actually did and there was s lot of witnesses and on a reality show, Tiny is being accused of things and is innocent until then,plus she don't know what kind of conversation she had with Tiny, just like we don't, Messy Leaks need to stop, I don't blame Kandi for that, because ain't nobody going to take a loss and end their tour for a BIG MOUTH, the places they where booked at didn't want NeNe to perform, but shes not telling that part!!!!!!

  12. Nene…Tiny is Kandi’s BEST FRIEND SINCE CHILDHOOD! They friends and they get money TOGETHER!!! You’re an unliked co-worker Nene, don’t even compare yourself to Tiny.

    Nene does make a valid argument but she can’t compare herself to Tiny, where Kandi is concerned.

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