Source: Nene Leakes SHADES and says Kandi Burruss & Cynthia needs to be FIRED from RHOA & she gives reasons

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50 thoughts on “Nene Leakes SHADES and says Kandi Burruss & Cynthia needs to be FIRED from RHOA & she gives reasons

  1. Even though iam not a big fan of none but I do agree with her cynthia need to go she is so boring and she bring nothing but getting married on the show, and kandi need to go she bring nothing to show, it's time for her to move on, and I dont want to see phaedra back or sheree!!

  2. I hate when someone falls and then looks forward to the demise of another. She needs to move on. And leave these people alone. You're showing yourself honey. Never let em see you sweat….🤫

  3. Nene, kicked them to the curb when "she thought" she was above them before she lost more than a few opportunities as an (actress???). None the less, isn't her husband unwell? I just don't get it. Priorities! This back and forth nonsense makes her come off as desperate.

  4. I agree with NeNe. I've been saying this for years that Kandi and Cynthia need to b removed from the show. They're boring and have been there for awhile and have no storyline

  5. Cynthia is a nicer person but Nene brings more entertainment. Do yall watch the show for drama right? It's reality TV or do yall watch it for everyone to hold hands and get along? We don't care about Cynthia's child or marriage even though I do like her… what else ??

  6. Nene flirted and threw herself at Cynthia's then husband, Peter, the whole time they were on the show together. The whole time, both Cynthia and her then husband, Peter, were so terrified of Nene, that they both just smiled and sucked up to Nene, to try to sweeten her up, so that she wouldn't lash out at either one of them. It was very cringe worthy to watch at the time. It was a long time ago, I haven't watch in a very long time, but I know nothing has changed on Nene, besides her whole face, that she had done up. Cynthia should just punch Nene in the face for all of the disrespectful things that Nene did to her, instead, she made a contract for Nene to sign, and promise to be friends forever. I don't think Nene signed it. Nene never gave Cynthia any friend vibes. Its the case of keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Cynthia knew that Nene was her enemy. She also feared her, so there plan was to pretend to have this undying need for friendship with Nene. I know she was sooooo relieved when Nene was off the show and she had no reason to be in any confrontational instances with Nene any longer. Nene is a big tree branch, forget about thorn, in everybody's side. She needs to be severely humiliated, or something.

  7. I am so surprised. I know Cynthia is terrified of Nene. I know Nene is a bully and feels good, when people are afraid of her. Cynthia should want Nene to be no longer on the show, even though Nene already isn't on. I don't miss Nene at all. The only way she should be on, is if someone equally as bull doggish, is on to battle with her. It would be good to see Tammy from that other show and Nene go head to head. They both are bullies and want to fight. They're not going to get into it with another person just like them, so maybe it should be casted appropriately.

  8. Nene is bitter and and jealous of Kandy success Kandi don't need the show she'll continue to thrive and collect her bags far as Cynthia her storyline has became boring Nene pointed out before she didn't think certain people shouldn't have gotten more than on spinoff show so she was still talking about Kandy she too damn old to carry on the way she carry on her husband is in a second battle with cancer she needs to focus on being there for him and not other people and that show

  9. Poor NeNe she can't do a interview without speaking on RHOA, I mean when you claim to be over something you don't keep speaking on it…. unless she didn't really mean what she said about not wanting to return to RHOA. Not one of those of ladies are worried about NeNe, but she is definitely worried about them. NENE says she doesn't watch the show, or keep up with the ladies; seems like she does the opposite. She should find another hobby or topic to talk about this one is getting old.

  10. Wendy asked who shouldn’t be on the show Cynthia said nene, nene is longer on the show, why mentioning her name???Cynthia is obsessed with nene,Cynthia is so annoying and dumb, she tries so hard to be nene, it’s annoying

  11. I wouldn't want a friend like Nene. Every chance she gets she's talking bad about the other ladies on the show. And when they fire back she mad. Kandi, Cynthia, Kenya they doing their own thing lots of iron in the fire.. Nene needs to move on. Look after her husband and run her club.

  12. Why Nene, why would you be this concerned about a show that supposedly did you wrong, let them bring down the show down, quit giving the show free publicity, don't you have a restaurant and sick husband that this time could be going to, this is a true sign of a narcissist at his finest, sad.

  13. I think kandi needs to retire from the show as well. She needs to help Todd manage the OLG restaurant because I tried to go there Saturday & it was a hot mess!!! Terrible service matter fact non existent service becuz we didn’t even eat there & dog s*^t in the alley way right by the door. Like who wants to see that b4 they eat? Smh. I think her leaving the show will help her to manage some of these businesses.

  14. Nenes been using that same tactic for years, trying to get other bw fired. Also, it seems like shes trying to set herself up to possibly use Greg's death as her way to get back in the news and onto television. I hate to say it, but a large part of me thinks shes waiting for him to die for several reasons.

  15. Nene cant breathe without having Kandis name in her mouth and shes only mad at Cynthina bc she dared to continue living life while not being the weak friend of Nene Leakes. She is sad. She wants them to be fired bc SHE WAS FIRED. Shes also mad bc Cyns ego wasnt so big that she was dumb enough to not accept the role of "friend of the show" like her dumb, over inflated sense of sense of value to a show that was only profitable when she chose to be the stereotypical, angry, aggressive, loud, jealous bw. Nene is the type of person that would set an entire building full of apartments on fire just bc she didnt like ONE tenant. I cant stand her.

  16. Damnnnnn NeNe every single interview has been about RHOA, you'd think she would be speaking positive; actually all these months later she should be done talking about BRAVO. NeNe contradicts herself whenever she speaks, she didn't have a storyline for the last 3yrs she was on the show herself. I'm not even a Kandi fan, but Kandi laughing at these delusional outbreaks; checking her net worth!!!!!

  17. Ne Ne took the high road and I'm happy because she is definitely healing. She is entitled to her opinion and if it was hating she wouldn't say Kenya needs to be there because she can't stand her. She is giving a business opinion not a personal one. Look at last season's ratings it speaks for itself. The one that saved that season actually was Bolo !!!!!

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