Source: Nenobia Washington CAUSE OF DEATH! BK Tidalwave update! TMZ! #BkTidalwave #Nenobia #TMZ

Nenobia Washington CAUSE OF DEATH! BK Tidalwave update! TMZ! #BkTidalwave #Nenobia #TMZ #MEETMagazine

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30 thoughts on “Nenobia Washington CAUSE OF DEATH! BK Tidalwave update! TMZ! #BkTidalwave #Nenobia #TMZ

  1. She violated a lot of people and not everybody is going to tolerate disrespect and that’s the truth may she Rest In Peace not saying this is good for her but she died how she lived wilding out. Smh

  2. My dad passed on October 31 2021 I heard about Nenobia the next day. My friend growing up whos family I swam at their house once weekly every summer , her dad passed on November 1 2021.

  3. Nah' she can't Be gone 😞😞😞 I met her on 149 in 3av sometimes back… I was like "Hey Ms. I'm from Brooklyn" and she was like Yup' So wassup "I'm like We Poppin I'm from the Bronx we laughed gave Dap and went about our Way…. She is a Tall Beautiful Real Bish and she will Be Missed 💯

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