Translated From: Nephew of Carmen Salinas reports that the actress does not show improvement …

Discovered on: 2021-11-12 02:26:15

On the night of this Thursday, November 11, Gustavo Briones, Carmen Salinas’ nephew and assistant, gave details about the health of his aunt, who was hospitalized Wednesday night for a stroke. The first actress continues in a coma and without improvement.

“Right now the doctor told me that it is still the same, the saturation exactly the same as in the morning, they have not given him medicine, more than a medicine for pain,” he told reporters outside the hospital. In addition, he pointed out that they will not practice any study for the moment and will assess it again in the morning.

Causes of stroke

Gustavo pointed out that it is unknown why his aunt suffered the stroke, however, he explained that he suffers from high blood pressure.

“She suffers from hypertension, since the death of my cousin Pedrito, since then she has been taking medication for hypertension.”

The press questioned the actress’s nephew if the last few days he had any pain or discomfort.

Waiting for a “miracle”: Carmen Salinas’s nephew makes this harsh confession to El Gordo and La Flaca

Family concern

“We are very bad, we continue with hope asking God to do the miracle for us […] She is very strong, “Briones told the media.” The whole family is there, she is very loved, “he added, sobbing.

Shock in the artistic environment

Gustavo also thanked those who have tried to contact him to ask about his aunt’s health, but explained that no one can see Carmen Salinas.

“Everyone has spoken to me today, right now I spoke with Ana de la Reguera, she told me that if she could come, there is no way that anyone can enter, only her granddaughter and I are the only ones who can see her as responsible.”

Finally, with a broken voice, she thanked for the infinite expressions of affection for her aunt and her family: “Thank you for loving her so much, what can I say to you”.

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