Translated From: New photos of Luis Miguel drive fans crazy on the Internet

Discovered on: 2022-01-20 18:12:47

Multiple images of a rejuvenated Luis Miguel circulating on the internet have caused a huge stir among his followers, who have also begun to celebrate the 40-year musical career of the so-called “Sol de México”.

“What a pleasure to see you so well, to say how handsome you are from a good strain. These photos are a gift for your fans, just one day after your 40-year career,” reads a post on the club’s Instagram page “I like you just the way you are,” dedicated to the singer.

Two photographs, in particular, that have lit up the networks show the singer with a new “look” that makes him look very rejuvenated.

In one of the images, the artist is seen in a restaurant posing with a follower, while in the other he wears dark glasses inside a luxury car agency.

Both photos have been a surprise, since Luis Miguel has been characterized by staying away from the media and leading his life very privately.

In addition, it is the first appearance after the end of the Netflix autobiographical series, in which Diego Boneta showed three different and difficult stages of the singer’s life, as well as all his successes and idylls.

However, the unknown remains about the possibility that the artist has new music or public projects by 2022.

This idea arose among his followers after the singer posted a video on Instagram with no more information than a 2022 in gold letters at the beginning of the year.

Luis Miguel’s followers hope that it is a mysterious announcement of his artistic return and among the comments that said publication had are read: “Surprise us this year Micky” or “You are already releasing a new album please”.

On Friday, the singer will reach his 40-year career, taking as a reference the release of his first studio album entitled “Un sol”, from 1982, as well as his first appearance on the then popular television program “Siempre en Domingo”. , by Raul Velasco.

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Given this, some of his followers are already organizing some activities on social networks to celebrate this famous anniversary.


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