Source: Nick Cannon talks 7 Baby Mommas, Towanda Braxton gets EXPOSED by landlord she hiding money owes $76K


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39 thoughts on “Nick Cannon talks 7 Baby Mommas, Towanda Braxton gets EXPOSED by landlord she hiding money owes $76K

  1. Idk why people r satin towanda was outted….when the landlord said she owed him 76,000 dollas he was outted for being an idiot….what businessman allows it to go that far before he makes legal moves to rectify the situation? Ijs

  2. I don't even understand why people have so much to say about his lifestyle choice hes takin care of his kids hes not bothering anybody and the women already know what they're getting into. That's all that matters.

  3. I hope the women you having all these kids with have the same beliefs thoughts as you, kids gonna suffer from what you when your sons get several different women pregnant and Your daughters have 5,6 different fathers for their children you cool with that. Wow!

  4. Those are gonna be some broken kids it’s impossible for him to be present for all 7 at one time impossible to make every doctors appointment ect school dance every prom event first day of school present to hear they first words see them take they first step it’s ridiculous

  5. There are a lot of males out here who feel like Nick . If you look at passed history of kings and Queens and concubine. Now in the 2021 society has rules yeah right, AS LONG AS THERE IS A UNDERSTANDING DO YOU NICK.

  6. When we betray God there are consequences. He gives us a gift to sing and glorify him and we go to te secular, u wont be happy. Especially coming from the upbringings of the church. There's a price we gotta pay

  7. That was a pickup line for the new generation "I don't want ownership of you" that is bullshit and he smart enough to know that. That may have been the start of marriage long ago but that is not what it is about now. Its about through sickness and health and he couldn't hand that health included mental health. Mariah Carey had mental health problems and it scared him away from truly connecting with women. No he this.

  8. Sorry but Nick Cannon is straight FOS ! His lifestyle is just raw Sex . It’s wrong because he’s putting paws on children who will be fatherless . Imagine what they will say in school . These women are being used for sex . Why can’t he speak about the effect this will be n his children . The game is on his children jackass ! Not only that he’s sick and what if he dies . I’ve lost my respect for him and his irresponsible women . SHAME ON THEM !

  9. Soo Nick creating fatherless households….. you can't be in that many homes at the same time… several children will suffer… he's consciously doing this…… toxic

  10. Nick Cannon sounds like that male prisoner on In Living Color who said a lot of big words that didn’t make a lick of sense. Nick is hurting someone, all these kids that he won’t be able to invest time in because he is spread across the USA with all these other kids. I feel bad for them. Nick can kick rocks!!

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