Source: Nicki Minaj goes live on IG, to get things Off her Chest with BIA & confess she never had a Nose Job

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39 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj goes live on IG, to get things Off her Chest with BIA & confess she never had a Nose Job

  1. I would get away from Niki as soon as that interview was over and would never answer her calls I would have to find another way to get put on I wouldn't put up with her bipolar high sneaky self it's not good to show that u want something so bad cause they pray on the weak she know she will do anything to be put on

  2. Is it me but I think the world is clearly in a trans because niki is high a.f an look completely different and this girl don't know she about to be serve on a platter to them higher ups they talking like they been friends for years Niki making it seem like she doing a good deed when Niki don't like no other woman rapper especially if it's good competition like I think I'm the only one on this planet is scared out my mind ppl worship celebrities b4 God/Jesus these celebrities or evil this shir crazy just my opinion sorry for to many comments I wish I wasn't so shy I would create a channel so I could express myself and start speaking on what I feel no matter who agree or not

  3. Lady be careful Niki is about to use yo ass and spit u out when she done there is no way she could step to me talking about a mess I left her 3👀 years ago and out the Blu she hit u like the mess was 24,hours ago it's a motive behind Niki sneaky ass it's time for a sacrifice she owe and she been loose with that mouth

  4. It's easier for her to say this but she is rich and don't need a helping hand what about the common folk that just may need a cosigner do that deem them as a better person these damn celebrities have lost there brain cells I know she think she is coming from a good place but the less fortunate don't want to hear this I could be wrong but it's easier for her to have that state of mind when u don't want for nothing

  5. The industry don't love our black women I feel when you are a black woman that want to be in the business in order to get a deal you have to get surgery to change your whole identity like what u look like is not good enough while all black women or getting the same surgery looking all alike with that stupid shape…they want you to bleach your skin make your nose meanwhile the white women want a tan a big ass full lips man wake up black ppl

  6. I love pills and poison
    Niki got alot of good songs but pills n poison is my favorite. I was going threw a really hard time in my life and that song helped me. Even though I ain't rich I can relate.

  7. Her name is not B I A its Bia…like Nia or Sia! Its Not pronounced as initials! (Wet willys on Miss Gigi) Why say Bia looks like Doja? If Doja is younger than Bia, then it would mean Doja would look like Bia! Respect!!! Unless some tweaks were done. But, they don't look so much alike, in my opinion. Btw, Doja has a permanent, deep line on her chin area. It's very distinct! However, both ladies are pretty.

  8. See Sagittarius can be very dominating and not even purposefully..both my parents are..esp my have to have thick skin, not taking it all personal but YET hold your ground with them and let them know they're not a push over.. however, I think Nikki is purposely on her because she is trying to make her a bit more aggressive and say what she mean and not second guess herself because these are things she will encounter in the industry.. hopefully, behind the scenes they talked more about this.

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