Source: Night Time Routine Vlog! Busy Mom-Life! Finding Time For ME In-Between💜

Hope you enjoyed seeing what a night looks like at our house! Happy weekend, my loves!
💜Miranda xoxo

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39 thoughts on “Night Time Routine Vlog! Busy Mom-Life! Finding Time For ME In-Between💜

  1. Hey, I seriously didn’t see anything wrong with you hair. Course I only see it on videos lol! But your hair is beautiful!
    I was thinking of getting some of that stuff too. My hair is so dry, and has those little white balls on the end of the strands from straightening it. I also stopped using a shampoo/conditioner bars. That stuff was drying out my scalp and leaving a film on my strands! So now it feels softer and looks cleaner longer!
    The things we do for beauty, eh? Lol

  2. Your hair looks amazing👍 I love your hair blonde it suits you so much more. Yes dark hair does show more of the grey. I know what u mean. Hoping u all had great weekend at Provincials. Love u guys💜💜💜🥰

  3. Hair looks good! I’m also started to realize how much damage I’ve done to my hair.. not from dye though.. but flat ironing because that’s what you did in the early 2000’s lol. Probably should have been smarter and used a heat protector back in the day!

  4. Super fun video! Your hair looked awesome! I could def stand to try olaplex but I have heard lately negative stories about it. Have you heard any of that?

  5. I LOVE my Olaplex!! I leave my #3 in all nights after shower, anda bond protector for my slpits. All the years of bleach has done a number on my hair as well and the Olaplex is a life saver. The soft hair is the best hair and I can't stop playing and peting my hair after I do my treatment. Skin and hair has become the best self care for this mama as well. Love the purple girl!

  6. Miranda your hair is sooooo shiny. Definitely the olaplex is good. I was so blond as a child I didn't have visible hair til I was 2 🤫🤣. It was all downhill after that, my hair darkened and I'm now mousy brown with a few lowlights. I'm loving the vlogs 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  7. Hi Miranda. Your hair does look beautiful. Hi too basically went through all the same stages that you are going through now with your hair. Now embracing the gray. My daughter say it looks good people pay to get it like this so for now I'm okay. I too get headaches if I put my hair up. I put my hair in two braids, It works no headaches.

  8. When I was three or four my hair was pure blonde then it kept going brown or Browner now today it's a mixture of blonde and brown LOL I like your pretty hair ❤️❤️👍🙏🙏🙏🙂🙂🙂🙂♥️♥️♥️🇨🇦

  9. This 36 year old loves your 90s/2000s references! Relatable af 🤣 Also, you look so amazing girl! Soon you'll have to change your channel name to Skinny Legend in Canada ❤️

  10. olaplex is amazing….. have you thought of getting a dyson hair straightener? Have heard great things – would wanna be at that price anyway!

  11. Dirty blonde 🤣 loving the jokes and loving this hair topic. Justin Trudeau 🤣 eggplant 🍆 😂😎👍 Love the results and you look great. Yes sponsor Miranda 🤝 Enjoy the basketball 🏀 and looking forward to more footage.

  12. I've often worried about how much of the purple shampoo you use and how long you leave it on your hair but I always said "well, it's her hair". What does Jen say about it? It doesn't look damaged in the video, just beautiful.
    I had an easier time transitioning to my natural gray. It was coming in like yours – framing my face by the time I was 40 and I was dyeing it every 3-4 weeks. But then I had to get chemotherapy and it all fell out. When it grew back in, I decided I liked the natural gray. So, I never needed to dye it to "blend in the gray" (which is why I say I had an easier time). I get all kinds of compliments on it, too. I've let it grow during the pandemic and it's about even with my bra strap now. I'll probably get it cut in a couple of months but I'll never dye it again. Now, I'm not suggesting that people get chemo to embrace their gray. That would be dumb.
    Anyway, love you, girl.

  13. I get the same yellow brassiness from hard water too! If you want to treat your hair to some more moisture, you could replace the shampoo with the purple conditioner to still get the purple hue, but conditioner at the same time! Let me know if you've tried that before and the shampoo works better, just a thought I had! 🙂

  14. Your hair looks really soft and nice Worth the bucks if it works You will need more of that number 3 cause u need lots of it when you're hair is thick and long Love the purple 💜 on you

  15. Good morning my beautiful friend! Your hair looks so soft and the colour is so suited to you. As you can tell by my pic, I embraced my insane grey hair 7 years ago now. Before that I would constantly dye it, the last time being an all over dark burgundy purple with red strip at the front. Now I let my natural white (I kinda really skipped grey and went to white🤪) and have the strip of black to add some I love my hair and keep it short as it won’t grow Happy day! Good luck with all the b-ball this weekend!! Xo💜

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