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Lima, 11/20/2021 3:22 pm | Updated 11/20/2021 03:26 pm

On October 29 of this year, actor Octavio Ocaña died, apparently the victim of a gunshot, in a confusing operation by the Mexican police. Since then, his family, friends, actors and followers have demanded that the authorities know the truth of what happened that fateful day.

The authorities indicated that the young actor died of a self-shot with a weapon of his own. The family preferred to rely on experts to investigate the case. For this reason, the lawyer, Rafael Alejandro Martínez, revealed some details about it in the Mexican television program ‘De primera mano’ on the Imagen TV channel.

“We already had access to the records kept by the various investigation folders, which make up the investigations regarding the fateful event on Friday, October 29. We are working as victim and legal advisers for the indirect victims, which in this case is Octavio’s family ”, explained the defender.

“We are conducting proceedings with the sole purpose that the facts can be clarified, that the approximate truth of what really happened can be reached and that naturally those responsible can answer for this horrible, heinous crime,” he added.

The expert witness Mauricio Reséndiz pointed out that it is still too early to have the conclusions of the investigations, however, they already have some details and indications related to the fact and managed to detect some anomalies in the official ruling such as the lack of fingerprints on the weapon with the one that Ocaña would have shot himself.

“There is a discrepancy that I would like to clarify. There are elements of a chemical, physical and biological order that are produced when a person dies from a firearm shot … In this case, these elements do not exist in their entirety to have the scientific certainty that he has fired the shot to be able to deprive himself of life; therefore, I consider, until now, that scientifically the fact that he has operated the weapon to take his own life cannot be proven scientifically, “he clarified.

Although some details are still missing, the specialist made it clear that the evidence indicating that Octavio had remains of gunpowder in his hands is negative. It is known that Octavio Ocaña’s family will continue to fight to find out the truth of his death.


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