Translated From: Octavio Ocaña: why he could not have shot himself, according to an expert

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Mexico City / 19.11.2021 14:04:00

The death of actor Octavio Ocaña is something that his family wants to be fully clarified, so they have turned to experts in legal and criminal matters to find out what caused the death of the also known as ‘Benito Rivers’.

What happened to Benito de Vecinos?

And the fact is that the Pérez Ocaña family is not satisfied with the version given by the FGJEM, which states that the actor died because he accidentally shot himself while trying to flee from the police; However, the expert, Mauricio Reséndiz, indicated that they are doing the pertinent tests so that they can scientifically have answers.

” There is a discrepancy. There are elements of a chemical, physical and biological order that are produced when a person is killed by a firearm shot, in this case these elements do not exist in their entirety to have the scientific certainty that he has fired the shot in order to deprive himself of life. , therefore I consider up to this moment that scientifically the fact that he has operated the weapon to take his own life cannot be proven scientifically, ” said the expert in an interview with Firsthand Body of Octavio Ocaña. How did he shoot himself?

Likewise, the specialist referred to the fact that the deadly weapon was a nine-millimeter and not a three-eighty-millimeter as is marked in the expert’s report.

” The ballistic study is still being carried out, some investigations of these elements to be able to compare them and be sure. There is no bullet as such, there are casings of different weapons that give us a parameter of indicative order to be able to establish or approximate the reality of the fact scientifically speaking, ” he said.

Friends of Octavio Ocaña, with confidential statement

Mauricio Reséndiz explained that the people who accompanied Octavio Ocaña when the accident occurred have already made their statement to the relevant authorities, although this is kept confidential.

” There were three crew members in that truck, those two people the personality they keep is that of witnesses, not defendants, the defendants are those identified as responsible for having committed an act relevant to criminal law, a crime as such.

They declared at the ministerial headquarters, that information is strictly confidential, the only thing I can say is that they did declare, there are many statements by many participants in the matter that, although they are answers, are not entirely clear and do not keep a certain logic “.

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