Translated From: Octavio Ocaña’s fiancée claims to be attacked in networks and defends herself

Discovered on: 2021-11-10 02:10:22

The Octavio Ocaña’s fiancee, Nerea Godínez, Tired of attacks on social networks and being defamed on different profiles, she made a video to make it clear that she can no longer deal with that situation.

I don’t want them to keep bombing and attacking. This subject with whoever this person is, that cat this seer, has already reached my limit. He has me locked out. I found out about all this information not from the photo I uploaded but from my family, from my friends who saw it. If I had some truth, why block me “

Nerea asked his followers and fans of Octavio Ocaña to stop believing that she had something to do with the actor’s death and that he did not ask to gain thousands of followers on his social networks.

I ask you to stop believing all that crap that you make, that you invent. I was not to blame for anything. Yes it bothers me, they have already reached a point where it bothers me because I did not ask for this, I did not ask out of the blue that the whole people start following me, my profile was always public. I didn’t ask people to follow me, so stop attacking me, I haven’t done anything “

On the other hand, he clarified that you don’t have to cry in publicWell, those moments are kept for her.

They don’t see me cry, they don’t have to see me cry, it’s something I keep to myself. So I ask you to please stop sharing what this person writes, I do not know if it is a man or a woman, because it has already bothered me, they are already uploading it to Facebook, to the page that you are doing yourselves of ‘Justice for Octavio Ocaña ‘. And it has 200 thousand followers, so many people think this is true and start commenting “

Finally, he clarified that in the face of the constant attacks will stop uploading content on their networks for a long time.

I can’t stand it anymore, I know I have to ignore these types of people, a lot of people have told me, but I can’t anymore, I can’t keep quiet anymore. Then I’ll stop uploading things for a while and going out in the press because I can’t do it anymore, “he concluded.

What did the Seer Cat say?

On the account of The Seer Cat On Instagram they began to say that Nerea had very bad friends and is very emotionally unstable.

Also, that she got Octavio Ocaña into a very bad business and that heu death is the result of a bad relationship of the young woman with other people.

In the same account they point out that the death of the actor does not hurt so much and that in their social networks will try to profit from this tragedy, thus beginning an influencer stage.


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