Translated From: Olga Tañón infuriates Adamari López after assuring that she lost weight …

Discovered on: 2021-12-10 00:22:34

The impressive physical change of Adamari López continues to give something to talk about. Olga Tañón got into trouble after she questioned how the actress lost weight quickly.

The Puerto Rican artist shared with her followers on Instagram about her experience after undergoing weight loss surgery. In the middle of the broadcast, Tañón mentioned that Adamari López had also undergone gastric balloon operation like her.

“I had a friend who gained twice as much weight as before when the gastric balloon was done, in Adamari’s case, when the balloon was done, it is because she has also had an exercise regimen that has also helped her a lot “, said the singer when she tried to explain about the diet plan that should be followed after the operation.

Adamari responds and Olga apologizes:

His statements provoked the reaction of the actress, who used her Instagram account to respond to her.

“Some people’s admiration for what has been achieved is unfortunate, others unfortunately take it as gossip and stupidity, and I’m not going to fall for that, period. In previous videos I talked about bariatric (surgery) as a discipline and mentioned people who have achieved it this way, ”he replied.

After the controversy, ‘La mujer de fuego’ decided to make it clear that he never intended to offend anyone.


Adamari López meets Luis Fonsi Adamari López meets Luis Fonsi. (Video: Telemundo) null

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