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After months of the back and forth within the Rivera Family for the audit that Johnny asked his aunt Rosie, Chiquis exploited to put a stop to the criticism of his brothers and made it very clear that no one owes Rosie and Juan an apology .

In addition, he aired that his uncles are asking for money for their work in Jenni Rivera’s companies and revealed that a family member stole $ 80,000, a debt that has already been paid.

Jenni Rivera’s first-born daughter told for the first and only time how the lawsuit between nephews and uncles began, as her brothers had doubts about the accounting of Jenni Rivera Enterprises, LLC and Jenni Rivera Fashion LLC, the companies that were created with her money. mother.

For months Chiquis preferred not to comment on the issue, but upon seeing the criticism of his brothers, he could not be silent anymore and spoke openly, being aware that his video could cause more problems: “It gives me courage, it gives me feeling,” and he also said that shutting up It has caused him “a lot of anxiety” and it has “affected him a lot.”

Johnny López asked for the accounting, not an audit

Chiquis began by explaining that since he was 16 years old, his younger brother wanted to know the numbers of the fortune left by his mother, but she refused to request it to avoid problems with the family. In 2020, when Johnny turned 20, he asked for his support in applying, so Janney got him legal advice on the case.

“Johnny just wanted to know how much money my mother had left, we trusted one hundred percent, basically what we wanted to do with this accounting is to know how much my mother left, how much was paid to Rosie, Juan, Rosie’s husband, we didn’t know anything […] Johnny never said Rosie was a shoplifter, “Chiquis said.

The accounting went to the inheritance account, not to the companies

Chiquis explained that the numbers they were given were not about the companies, but the account that concentrates the money and, despite the fact that it took months, the alleged irregularities discovered were satisfactorily explained.

“At first there were numbers that did not add up, there were more than a million dollars that we were like ‘what’s up? Where’s this money?’ but we were never given the accounting for business, “he said.

Rosie Rivera’s resignation was a monetary agreement

Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter claimed that, after the family breakdown began, Rosie Rivera informed them that she was leaving her post, but asked for a large amount of money.

“Rosie said: ‘Ok, I’m going, but I want 165,000 dollars to go'”, something that did not seem to Chiquis: “It made me very bad taste, that’s my personal opinion.”

In addition, he asked Jacqie, Mike, Jenicka, and Johnny to sign a confidentiality agreement. As Chiquis is not part of the will, she has no voice or vote in the negotiations and she is not obliged to remain silent either.

Juan Rivera also asked for money

Jenni Rivera’s brother was also a worker for the ‘La Gran Señora’ companies for a time, for which, according to Chiquis, he is asking for almost $ 300,000.

“Juan is also asking for money, he just sent an email a little while ago that he wants money, which is owed to him for many ‘Jenni Vive’, which is owed to him for 29 songs, he was paid monthly, that was part of his job If he feels that he was not paid enough he has to talk to Rosie about it, she was his boss. That Juan is asking for almost 300,000 dollars, why? If he was paid, well or badly, was he paid for his job”.

The theft of $ 80,000 from Jenni Rivera Fashion

Chiquis also aired the alleged embezzlement that took place in one of his mother’s companies by a person very close to Rosie Rivera. She even said that it was she herself who had to pay for the stolen money. Although he did not give the name, he gave clues for his followers to discover who it was.

“A couple of years ago someone was stealing from Jenni Rivera Fashion, someone very close to Rosie and she knew it, Rosie told my sister Jacqie. As the money was paid, I think it was like $ 80,000 that was stolen, according to already paid for everything […] It’s not right, maybe Rosie isn’t a shoplifter, she didn’t steal, but she wasn’t honest, she didn’t tell my brothers what had happened. “

“Rosie was never happy in this position, she said it for years that she was not happy, that it ruined her life, her marriage, and now I know why it ruined her marriage, you are very smart or do I have to say whose name? was the money being stolen? “

After the incident, the amount that Rosie asked for her departure will not be given to her: “Now he is not going to be given $ 165,000, he is going to be given $ 84,000. It makes me angry, it makes me sad because things had been very different. if we had known this information, “Chiquis confessed.

An apology that will not come from the children of Jenni Rivera

Chiquis laid out the reasons why she believes her brothers do not owe their uncles an apology.

“The people who are saying that we owe them an apology are wrong because you don’t know the details of things. If Rosie had already been paid all those years for her work and if she was paid well or badly it is not ours guilt […] It is not right for me that he is asking for money to leave, I told my brothers I do not agree “.

Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter confessed that she is “fed up” with all of Juan’s statements.

“They keep talking, Juan keeps saying many things and the truth is I am so fed up, this is our truth and I am speaking for my brothers because I have to defend them because they hurt me, my mother is not there because if my mother were there things would be very different “. However, she stressed that she will “always” be grateful to her uncle because he was “in some very difficult moments and I will always be very grateful to him.”

One by one, the statements of Johnny, Chiquis and the Rivera family in the lawsuit over Jenni’s inheritance

Chiquis does not want anything with the Rivera

It has been known for a long time that the singer is estranged from the Rivera family and shared some of the lawsuits she has had with them, situations that led her to make the decision to retire.

“My grandmother told me personally that we only wanted the money and the power of Jenni Rivera, that in her opinion we had shit … my mother’s legacy. I know my brothers, it is not the money, it is not the power, we did not want the power or the responsibility to have everything. “

“I don’t want anything to do with that family, they don’t know everything that has happened, not just right now, during the years my mother was here, how much she cried, how much she suffered, and I am not going to say everything because it is not necessary. I wish them the best, I don’t wish them bad, but I do want to get away. “

“If they are happy that they no longer have this great responsibility, then leave us alone, stop talking, focus on your business, my mother has already helped them enough, my mother took care of them all her life, why do they want more? Why? Leave us alone, live our life, let us work. “

Chiquis appreciates being out of Jenni Rivera’s will

The singer and businesswoman only supports and advises Jacqie, Mike, Jenicka and Johnny on the situation, since she has no voice or vote because she is not Jenni Rivera’s heir after the problem they had when she was accused of having had relations with Esteban Loaiza, who At that time he was the husband of ‘La Diva de la Banda’. However, now she is grateful that she is not an heir.

“She did not put her mother, her brother or Rosie, she put no one in her will, just her children, and she took me out for a problem that was not true, that you already know and we already explained it many times and God knows that is not true, but my mother did me a great favor for taking me out, I really appreciate it because that helped me work, she put something inside me to say I can “.

Finally and through tears, Chiquis Rivera regretted all the problems that have occurred in the family since the death of her mother, above all, that her legacy is stained, because it is something she has always worked for.

“It makes me very sad for my mother because she worked a lot, she was not with us and that this has come to this is very difficult …, and before my family hurt a lot […] It hurts me for my mom, the truth does not hurt me for my family. It is not fair that they want to see us now in this way because we are asking, “he said in his ‘live’.

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