Source: Online Shoppers Beware | E-Commerce Companies Selling Fake Products Online | Consumer Adda

A network 18 investigation has found that e-commerce companies are selling fake products online. Watch Consumer Adda to know more.

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22 thoughts on “Online Shoppers Beware | E-Commerce Companies Selling Fake Products Online | Consumer Adda

  1. Very true!


    Once you paid the money.. You are gone and you are in a trap.. What ever crap product they will send, just you need keep it with you or throw it in dust-bin.. Don't ever think, Flipkart will return the money!

    Buying online products doesn't save the money and time!
    Myself I have completely moved out from buying the products online, instead I have moved to offline trust worthy stores to buy the required products. As they serve far better when compare with the cheating online business by Flip kart.

    1. Can't trust online ordered products from Flipkart.
    2. Very bad return policy.
    3. There is no refund policy, incase if I don't like the product.
    4. I feel it's worth to buy from offline store, compare to online Flipkart order, as in offline store, we can trust and easily return the product with full refund amount within an hour or 2 hour.
    5. Delivery of the PRODUCTS is very time consuming.
    6. As we are investing heavy amount like 50 – 60k for these products, but Flipkart doesn't provide the easy refund on these products, which is very torturing and time consumable thing.
    7.Customer care agents are not polite and knowledgeable.. Very rude behaviour and usually hung up the phone on customers in a rude way and even they will cancel the return orders without providing the resolution at the end of return due date..

    What Flipkart thinks about the customers:

    First of all, Flip kart and flip kart customer care agents doesn't know the meaning of the term "Customer care service".
    Whenever customers face some issues and if they call customer care service centre, customer service agents should be available to talk with customers and provide the resolution in a quicker way.

    In flip kart it's reverse.. Whenever customer service agents will call, customers should be available to pick up der call! What a service??

    1.Whenever der customer care agents will call, that time customers should leave all der busy schedule work and pick up der call, if not they will send an sms or email saying that.. Customer is not reachable and they will close the issue!
    2.When ever they will call you should be free and pick up der call.. What kind of service provided to the customers? Instead they are wasting customers time and even they don't give value to the customers.
    3.After buying any new branded items, at the time of delivery itself, if the product is not working then Flip Kart service agents will tell to der customers "it's your problem, you ordered the product, we have delivered it to you, that's all.. And they will ask you to contact the product brand customer care centre and lodge a complaint"

    After investing that much money for the high end products, you need to run behind to rectify the resolution for the crap products delivered by the Flip Kart! This says/proves that "Flip kart is not a online store, it's just an courier or delivery service centre!".
    4.Customer care agents usual drama is – call is not connecting to the customers or customers are not reachable and they close the issue ticket and they will keep extending the resolution date..

    I am really very much annoyed and frustrated with the Flip kart online service..!

  2. Sir jab buyer person kahata hai ki product is low or duplicate or fake fir v company action kyo nahi leti akhir kyo wo fayade ke liye kisi ko v gala ghot deti hai esaka koi law nahi hai

  3. I purchased some products from sanpdeal , all found fake , complain given no action taken on seller , products still selling , FIR done then also no action , I think it is a big game of cheating customers and earning .

  4. Why does all Fraudsters exist in Delhi/NCR especially in Noida. Crime location is Noida, UP. OLX Fraudsters belong to majorly from Rajasthan as per Police records. Matrimonial Frauds are usually done by Nigerian People, UP state girls, Noida Bank account holders.

  5. Sir koi bhi saman india me nahi banta.
    Sara china se ata hai, to jahan par shipment utarta hai vahan par chhapemari karo jab maal india mrket me aayega hi nahi to bikega bhi nahi. Aapko sab pta hai magar aap chhote chhote seller ko pakdoge to bhi ye dhandha nahi rukega.

  6. I had bought a brand name food supplement from Amazon, but checked on the website of the importer of that brand, but there was no authorization to sell it to that importer, I checked this product on the seller's website, but this product did not even appear in them. It was, even after checking with barcode, the information of other product was being shown on the web page.
    मैंने अमेज़न से एक नामचीन ब्रांड का फ़ूड सप्लीमेंट ख़रीदा था, लेकिन उस ब्रांड के इम्पोटेर की वेबसाइट पर चेक किया पर उस इम्पोटेर को ये बेचनेकी ऑथुंटी ही नहीं थी मैंने सेलर की वेबसाइट पर ये प्रोडक्ट चेक किया – ये प्रोडक्ट उनके यहाँ भी दिखाई नहीं दे दे रहा था, बारकोड से चेक करने पर भी वेब पेज पर दूसरे ही प्रोडक्ट की इनफॉर्मेशन दिखाई जा रही थी

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