Source: Orlando Brown don't DENY Nick Cannon being on the DL, giving out sloppy toppy in Drag – Ritual

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40 thoughts on “Orlando Brown don't DENY Nick Cannon being on the DL, giving out sloppy toppy in Drag – Ritual

  1. He telling the truth after those accusations Nick cannon started trying make a thug image of himself. Having multiple baby mommas, getting tatted up, saying he’s blood affiliated and even dissing Eminem around that time so Orlando’s news went under the radar.

  2. Imagine being sick enough to make this video. Doing it for money doesn’t make it any better. I’d be disgusted, but I have a soul, and consciously make moves based on decency.

  3. If he was paying a price, why with a low scrub like orlando? Nonsense. Orlando would be the one . He is just luke so many used abused Hollywood kids. Kookoo fir cocopuffs

  4. Orlando Brown also said Michael Jackson was his biological father. This dude will say anything for attention. and yall fools want it to be true so bad. yall so weird

  5. I guess the real question is why did Orlando allow Nick to do it. It seems like he outed himself. But then Orlando will go on his platform and claim the LGBTQIA community is pushing an agenda.

  6. So if Nick likes D or not why is it everyones business? Why did Orlando had to tell anyone who he is having sex with straight or gay? Now you cant get intimate with anyone without idiots blow horning it to the world! Nicks sexual preference is his and he should have it DL if he wants it to be. the only people that should be informed are the people that he plans to have sex with period. Announcing this to the world is BS! All I know is that Orlando just shows that he can not be trusted whoever he has sex with (male or female) because dude be ready to tell the world when he see's fit.

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