Source: Oscars 2022 After-Party: Henry Golding & More React to Will Smith | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

Mira Sorvino, Henry Golding & wife Liv Lo, Donatella Versace and LaKeith Stanfield talk Oscars 2022 and give their take on THAT moment with Will Smith!

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Oscars 2022 After-Party: Henry Golding & More React to Will Smith | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

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30 thoughts on “Oscars 2022 After-Party: Henry Golding & More React to Will Smith | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

  1. en español
    decimos el
    que se enoja pierde pon la otra mejilla
    contesta con paz no es facil no siempre va a funcionar y no siempre sera recibido bien pero la tranquilidad de sentirte lijero en paz harmonia y sin remordimiento de conciencia

  2. This is what you call a Psychopath. Look at those uncivilized Devils Cheering Will Smith. In Baltimore there was a Killer that after they Killed BPD Officer Keonna Holiday they killed another guy the next day he was playing with the Daughter of the Murdered victim i.e. His Friend's Daughter. Those Hollyweird Freaks are part of the problem. They enable this insanity.

  3. I’m confused do people want to go through all comedians jokes over the years and decide which jokes we deem as ‘off’ then line them up and punch them? And women who want their men to punch out a person who says something about them that is offensive?!?! Give me a break do you really think that is showing love? Seems we as women would want someone who can use their words in a way that calmly explains and shuts down the incident with flare(not violence). As a mother of a young man I would not want him to act the way Smith acted and I wouldn’t want him to be with a woman who would expect him to show his love by doing what Smith did.

  4. Violence is violence regardless of what was said will smith originally laughed at the joke will smiths wife has alopecia commonly known is hair loss i suffer from hair loss my family suffers from hair loss but we dont go around assaulting people for making a joke about it its life
    the academy should strip will smith of his achievement and make him an a example to deter other people from committing acts of violence in public life

  5. Ugh, celebrities and their selective outrage. They act like Chris said something horribly derogatory towards Jada! He literally said "Jada, I love you, can't wait to see G.I. Jane 2" and everyone was laughing casually, including Will. If it was really that offensive, people wouldn't have laughed in the first place! It's not like it was international news that she had alopecia. By the way, she literally has a tiny bald spot towards the front of her head and she chose to shave her head happily livestreaming it, so let's please stop acting like she has some deadly disease.

  6. It's a disgrace that a bad – and violent – actor gets an Oscar…. What kind of signal does violent Will Smith and the Academy send to the world?

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