Translated From: Pamela Silva confirms that her son is already at home after surgery

Discovered on: 2022-01-04 17:25:00

Pamela Silva is a little calmer after having the scare of her life due to an accident that sent her son, Ford Liam, to the operating room. This Monday, the presenter of Primer Impacto told the whole world through social networks that her almost two-year-old son had fallen and bit the inside of his mouth, an injury that, due to its depth, required surgery. The hours became eternal for her when she saw that the child was taken to the operating room and she asked everyone to pray for him. Today the story is different, because Baby Ford is already at home with his mother.

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“Thank you all for the prayers, the good wishes and for being aware of the health of my baby,” Pamela expressed in her Instagram Stories so as not to leave her followers pending on the health of the baby. Much calmer, but still worried about her son’s recovery, she continued: “My little one is already recovering at home, thank God, with a good mood, a lot of tranquility and harmony, sustained by the healing power of love.”

An accident that brought Pamela Silva to tears

“I am now in the hospital. My son Ford had a little accident. There was a cut, a fairly deep injury to the lip and things got a little complicated, they couldn’t just make a few stitches; Instead, they had to call a plastic surgeon to see if they could reconstruct and fix the inside of the cheek and lip, “Pamela said this Monday in a video addressed to the public.

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“He is fine. He is now in surgery, they just underwent him when entering the operating room. He is under anesthesia, and it seems that it is not going to be a complicated surgery but it is a very sensitive area. It was an accident and I think this surgery will take approximately 45 minutes. We have been pending, all day waiting. I have been very worried all day because it is so frustrating to see your baby complaining, in pain, “she continued.

Concerned, the mother expressed that her son had not eaten due to the anesthesia, besides that he was tired. “With great faith I thank you for everything and I ask you, please, to continue praying,” he said. Fortunately, everything went well and Baby Ford left the hospital beds to complete her recovery at home with Mom.

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