Translated From: Pedro Infante’s grandson reveals that the singer had ties to drug traffickers…

Discovered on: 2022-03-23 21:06:24

Pedro Infante’s grandson reveals that his grandfather was forced to have links with the drug trafficker and for this he had to fake his death.

The death of Pedro Infante, one of the Mexican idols most loved by the public, has been involved in the eye of the hurricane in recent days after his grandson, César Augusto Infante, attended an interview with the youtuber Gusgri, where He told secrets never before revealed about the singer’s life that left all viewers speechless, including his alleged links with drug traffickers.

How did Pedro Infante die?

One of the most revealing facts in the interview of Infante’s grandson were the statements about his alleged death, where he stated that his grandfather did not die in an accident in 1957 as was stated at the time, but that he would have died at 95 years in 2013.

According to what César Augusto Infante said, the singer was kidnapped to torture him, placing a similar person on the famous plane that crashed in order to deceive the media about his death.

‘The public believed it, many people cried, many people committed suicide because their idol Pedro Infante had died, but it was not like that. He was beaten, he was imprisoned in Lecumberri, in the Marías Islands, in La Castañeda in Michoacán and in a prison in Sonora,’ he indicated.

In the interview, the man assured that unfortunately his grandfather was forced to participate in a drug trafficking network, in which when he wanted to leave, it was not easy for him.

“Yes, it was, but not in a way that was conscious, and when he wanted to get out of that environment, he couldn’t,” Pedro Infante’s grandson clarified.

Did Pedro Infante change his identity?

César assured that in addition to being held against his will, Pedro Infante was tortured and drugged for a long time, until 26 years later, a former president gave him the opportunity to come out into public life on the condition that he had to change for Complete your identity.

According to the grandson’s statements, Pedro Infante appeared again, a short time later, in the public eye but now as the singer, Antonio Pedro, who whenever he was questioned about whether he was the singer who was thought to have died in a plane crash, he denied it, because he continued to be threatened and could not reveal his identity.

In the interview, César Augusto Infante stated that his grandfather always took care of his family and that despite the fact that many people tried to get the truth out of him, he never revealed anything, as it would have been very dangerous. As in the case of his father, who on some occasion, it occurred to him to reveal in an interview that “Pedro Infante was alive” and was murdered a few days later.

‘He always took care of the family, in many interviews they asked him, are you Pedro Infante? and he denied it. And although he denied it, he cost my parents their lives. My parents were killed as a result of the same thing. In an interview my father said ‘my father is still alive’ and when he went to a presentation they killed them all. Me being orphaned at 10 years old’.

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