Translated From: Pilar Rubio breaks down crying in the middle of the broadcast of ‘El Desafío’ after what…

Discovered on: 2022-03-27 07:15:00

It’s the second day of pillar blonde as a jury of this edition of ‘The challenge’ and the truth is that she is proving to be 100% involved in this new adventure. In fact, during this Friday’s program we were able to see her completely collapsed after the failure of ‘El Monaguillo’ in your challenge.

The humorist had to place ten sticks in a tough balance testoy at the last breath, when he only had one left to put on, everything has collapsed: “I was at the last post. You don’t know the week I’ve spent. I’m very nervous. It no longer depended on me, the machinery no longer worked”he explained at the end.

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It was then that the woman from Sergio Ramos couldn’t help but get excited. And it is that both maintain a magnificent relationship since they share a lot of time in ‘The Anthill’: “Do you know what happens? It’s a very objective test, either it comes out or it doesn’t come out. When it comes out it’s tremendous, dazzling and very pretty, but when it doesn’t come out it’s a total disaster. There are times when no matter how hard you try, it doesn’t come out” , said the Madrilenian with the eyes full of tears.

“It was the best number of the night. The empathy produced by the one who gives everything and still fails is insurmountable, but life is like that sometimes”, he wanted to second Safe Santiago. A few words to which others have also joined companions such as Normal Duval, Omar Montes and Raquel Sánchez Silva, who have wanted to show you all their love and support.

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