Translated From: Pitbull revolutionizes social networks for an image with hair

Discovered on: 2021-11-12 14:28:27

A simple montage of a tiktoker has served to revolutionize social networks due to the possibility that Pitbull he would have adopted a new look in which he wore a lush mane. In view of the fact that some users gave credibility to the image, the madness would not take long to unleash, although there would be few who also began to joke and create memes with its transformation.

In fact, the video in which the singer with long hair can be seen was already published in 2020 in Bazaar, but it will not be until now, when this young man has hung it in Tik Tok, when the dimension that the assembly had taken was revealed. In fact, the video that has already reached Twitter it also collects more than seven million views and more than 36 thousand comments.

Despite the memes and comparisons even with Zac efron will happen in the networks, finally there are those who will end up recovering the interview that Pitbul himself gives to the American program ‘The Howard Stern Show’ in 2015 in which he explained that he was not bald, but that he had not planned to let his hair grow for aesthetic reasons .

“Yeah, I have hair. It’s just easier to shave your head and look neat. I’m not bald, but this way I can be elegant without depending on anyone to cut my hair “, confessed the artist, to the surprise of many. I decided to shave in 2006 2007, I don’t know what kind of hair I have”, he confessed then.

And is that the face of the singer seems to change completely before the eyes of multiple users who did not quite recognize him. Although the comparisons are odious, they have even noticed a strong similarity between this hairy Pitbull and Zac Efron.

The real reason why Pitbull has no mane

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