33 thoughts on “Porsha Williams and her Ex Dennis McKinley GET INTO a EXPL0$IVE ARGUMENT – "HOLD ME BACK"

  1. Let the music go to what u feel inside. Don't mean you gotta act hood. U can spin a record and just feel hood. I mean there is home then there is public. Everyone needs a home to get Crunk in at the end of the day.⁰

  2. Well Porsha's mum is just like Porsha, she learned from her mother and she enables her because she is the cash cow! Also, I would never curse when I talk to my mum and she doesnt have a problem with it so elegant where?

  3. If you see Dennis's new work, it all makes sense why Porsha is so mad that Dennis has been moved on and Porsha is big mad. I don't believe the time line Porsha wants everyone to believe including Simon. Porsha was stil probably seeing Dennis too, but can't say why she is mad because she will spill on herself. Simon need not speak on Pilars grand mother, stay out of it. Why would you, if your soooo in ❤ still be carrying resentment towards your ex, just speaking from my point of view. If I'm in love and happy or even if I'm not but I'm over the person's bs and I see them for who they are, no good, I would have been moved on, single or not and happy and hope my ex feels the same. Why did Dennis set up the Mother's day lunch for Porsha if he didn't have love for his daughter or Porsha. Did he know about Dennis at the time or was it all a surprise. The math ain't mathing on both sides.

  4. Please watch "Losing Aaliyah" on TUBI and it is clear who Aaliyah gave her wealth to, to buy a house and then ended up dead shortly thereafter and yet fools still blaming RKelly who had NOTHING to Gain from her death!!!

  5. So we should just accept this cause it’s Porsha? Seems like trash TV to me. And it perpetuates the narrative that Porsha doesn’t know how to keep her hands off anybody. Disappointment at its finest.

  6. I could be wrong but I thought in one of the episodes her cousin and sister gave him his robe back they snuck in her house and took it.

  7. She just like a dude interms of still having your baby daddy in your pocket while you have another dude in the other pocket!!! She love money 💰 meaning she will give up her soul for the 💰 🤑

  8. Understand what you said Miss Diana's a fine-looking lady but I don't think you want to put up with Porsche she only has two kids but you never see her son around he's very distance from the family wonder how you feel about this

  9. When Dennis came passing Porsche he said I was only here because you invited me to come Porsche starts swinging her hands and trying to hit Dennis then it got Rowdy and The Bodyguard start pulling people Porsche swung at Dennis he pushed her back now the cousins trying to come out with fake allegations this show is crap I don't know if I'm going to watch it next Sunday

  10. Those Nigerian man are use to woman that are quite, peaceful not someone that fights, loud and have a temper. Porsha will clock on Simon when he makes her mad this will happen to Simon and he will run from this relationship because Porsha will not change. Porsha needs to have a heart to heart talk with her mother because I know she don't like the way she is acting.

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