Source: Puff daddy gets exposed by a black teenager male, said Puffy took his heart out of his chest

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45 thoughts on “Puff daddy gets exposed by a black teenager male, said Puffy took his heart out of his chest

  1. I like to give him advise get a lawyer. I am a luxury designer I went to a famous jeweler he took my idea gave it to a trash designer and this guy ran with my idea now opening up a mall store. But here is the thing if it is not exactly like yours no case. So trademark everything. Do not post anything on social media it is only a way for people to copy you. What GOD HAS FOR YOU IS MEANT FOR YOU AND YOU ONLY.

  2. You can't publicize anything you're doing or developing until you have it patented. Rich folk who have no creativity will steal your dreams right from under your nose. That's how most of them have gotten rich by stealing from folks.

  3. I think this is so sad. But I will say that this happens to everybody unfortunately. Rich people will take your concept and sell it as if it's theirs and profit

  4. Thats life..people steal your relatives steal friends business partners even church folks..people do anything for money..if you dont protect it..besides you have facts to support what ypur saying a judge will hear facts in the court room they don't care nothing about ypur heart or feeling..if u post ot on social networking its free for anyone to its not stolen..a judge will say what are the facts..because to many people its all about money fortune or trying to be famous..You hire a attorney and you have your stuff protected before u post it..not after..if you didn't have it protected or a attorney before puffy didnt steal it ..its free to use..dont you know people go to Facebook for ideas anyways..there nothing u can do about that..

  5. So many times I've I tried to support minority businesses. But the items are always overpriced. Or the performance is not the best. I had to have plumbing work restored correctly after giving this business a try. I try to support certain boutiques. But again the products are overpriced. If I go to next town over the same item is found at such a cheaper price. Some non minority businesses already have a solid income. Most passed down through their families. These businesses I find give the best services and pricing. Seems like they want to promote their integrity of their business. They want you to return. But quite often I don't find that experience with some minority businesses. Seems like they're only in it to make money. Their businesses are not derived from existing income.. So often these businesses only look for profit. Which ultimately means overpriced items and a low return rate from customers


  7. He forgot what the Bible says: Thy shall not steal. Diddy's you got money and want more because of greed. Remove the app if this is true and give this young man a chance. 🙏❤⚘

  8. My question is did he pitch the idea to diddy?
    If not, and he in no way has communicated or contacted diddy or any other platform this is concerning for me.
    Lots of people get the dame ideas at the same time .
    If he did get this to diddy then got his idea stolen. Prove it and you have action.

  9. I believe this young brother, everyone can’t be telling the SAME LIES on a person 🤷🏾‍♀️ what gets me is the same ppl that run around screaming we as a ppl need to do better, support your black men/women, I’m for black ppl winning etc. Famous or non famous be the MAIN ones destroying black ppl, adding to the problems we face everyday. EVERYONE HAS A STORY TO TELL ABOUT HIM🤦🏾‍♀️

  10. Wish I had the Money to get you the best Representation……That's TOTALLY FU…So sorry that happened to you….GO TO YOUR LOCAL NEWS CHANNEL….YOU NEVER KNOW…PEACE 2 WHO COULD HAVE BEEN MY SON OR NEPHEW

  11. Okay!! So what he not gon do is screw over my newark brother! Brick city don't play dat. We have a hard enough time as it is, let this kid be great. Puff is a grown ass man who's made his mark and millions. Its such a shame how greedy the human race can be.

  12. Diddy ain't shit but the devil and is always out to get his own by any means necessary and doesn't care how he gets it. Karma's a bitch though. One day he's going to get his for bad real talk.

  13. 🤔 when I was a high school student in the late 1980's, I took a class called "business enterprise or economics"; do they not teach that anymore? With all this technology of apps, Minority kids need to know about how to trademark, protect their art and creative projects to avoid being taken advantage of, i.e., robbed!

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