Source: R.I.P. Keishla, Felix took her OUT, he was living a double life & didn't want his secret to get out

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26 thoughts on “R.I.P. Keishla, Felix took her OUT, he was living a double life & didn't want his secret to get out

  1. Jess, you told this story from your heart, filled with emotions. This story made my "skin crawl". This was a deadly game, and poor Keishla lost with her life. Ladies, please know your worth, and love YOURSELF enough to know that you deserve a happy, healthy, fulfilling relationship with someone who truly loves you.

  2. Girl are you narrating now…😳 biggie & lil Kim wait🗣 what🤔 again who are we talking 😫😫😫🗣🤣🤣 I thought we was talking about the ppl in the photos I’m💀asf

  3. This guy had it all a career, a family, good looks, and he threw it all away!. Destroyed this poor girls life killed their unborn baby, all for what? His reputation, his clout. There are ways he could have dealt with this situation. This is INSANE, a terrible tradgedy for all parties involved. Poor sweet Kelisha, she loved him dearly for years, despite the fact that he made a life outside their relationship, and she clung on to the hope that one day they could share something.

  4. That poor girl. May you rest in peace. He tortured her! What a COWARD! Horrible human being. You maybe a boxer, but, the men in prison are Fighters. You are about to experience torture.

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