Source: R. Kelly downlow EX- Boo Thang Louis, EXPOSED the King of R&B, he got a mean craving for Sweet Meat

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48 thoughts on “R. Kelly downlow EX- Boo Thang Louis, EXPOSED the King of R&B, he got a mean craving for Sweet Meat

  1. I'll say He still has His
    God given Talent.
    That they can't denie ?
    But His Personal sexual
    Issues is between Him
    And God !
    NOW He shouldn't have
    Dealt with anyone under AGE ? For that He was wrong.

  2. He used and abuse many young ppl he picked up off the street cause no one would believe them. Aaliyah caused headlines… He learn to molest non famous ppl instead. These kids was willing to do anything to get more mac donalds.

  3. I have heard a lot but I just don't believe people are calling this man a monster for calling him daddy but the girls today the girls calling man zaddy my ex husband just married a young lady that is 15 years younger than him he's in his 50 and she is 32 but her family is okay with it and please tell me where all these virgins at 17 you was 17 before you know what you was doing than and for the man 17 and he didn't punch him in his face I don't know no 17 year old boy ok with that and I want the court system to keep that 17 year old they don't know what they are doing when these young boys go to jail at 16 and 17 and they want to charge them as adults I'm just saying

  4. Fame and money help fuel his sicknesses. If he was an average Joe. He would not be able to, or have the means to do most of what he did. People would have looked at him as a CREEP WHO CAN SING.

  5. The thing is the young Rapper..who was eager to be in the Music Industry..Whether he was gay..bisexual or not before that incident…(He is now) He didn't say… didn't break all contact/Communication with him after that first sexual incident at his home..This young guy only cared about RKelly helping him with his Music Career…Its intetesting and sad what some people would subject themselves to and what they are willing to do for a record deal. That's why the Girls/Women said they didn't leave him alone as well..even though he was a terrible boyfriend. treated them badly..had them follow his harsh rules and punishments..and you had to keep him happy with his fetishes however way he wanted…. Despite everything They still felt like he could still help them in their Careers…It all make them seem like Fame hungry/ Star seeking opportunists.. His behaviour looks Predatory like but they don't look better…These witnesses coming forward may help prove his case … than hurt him..What the jury verdict might be may not be what many think.

  6. I don’t believe nothing they say about R.Kelly . In us as ppl need to stop promoting stuff against our ppl. When the other team does the things they are saying he did . But social media never say anything about the opposite color smh .

  7. I don't matter what Age Are jender to PETO Kelly I Think this is why He Made some Girls Dress Like Dudes and in baggage Clothes because He likes Men! SMH I Hope He gets locked up! And Throw away the kee He is So Sick!!

  8. Why is he the only one being charged he could not have done all of this alone and parents need to teach their kids about preditors also we all know people or we our self have dealt with a older man or women and people need to stop acting like they haven't or they know a family member who mess with someone young.

  9. If he was sleeping with menand what business is it of ours it is a lot of bisexual and DL men out here. Not only must these people are coming out for clout but they are also trying to make money off of it. It's none of our place to judge

  10. Well you couldn't tell he had a little sugar in his milk. Or You just blind or what! But who cares life goes around just like the earth. One day he like chicken, next thing you know he like meat I do too but my sexuality belongs to nobody's Business..

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