30 thoughts on “Ralph Rieckermann official Statement about TMZ Snuff Party Video Clip

  1. How do these people live with themselves, what the hell is wrong with them, this shit is depreasing as fuck, knowing there are monters like this in this world, i don't know what to beleve anymore!!!

  2. Sure Ralph, one of the biggest entertainment media companies in the world is going to do a 25 minute piece on a guy who was the Scorpions bass player for a few years when they were at their lowest point commercially. As it's been said on here, somebody got in our heroes ear and "suggested" he change the story a bit.

  3. He is not going to admit that he has gone to a snuff party. He was just speculating about it and it might be true, but he wouldn't have mentioned it if he was into it. I believe you, Ralph.

  4. He straight up said "I don't go to fetish parties. I went to one, one time, I seen really bad s***." Reporter says "was it like a donkey show"…he answers "no actually, I think they, they actually killed people there and stuff. They pay up to 100k to see people get…" Reporters says "executed". He says "I'm not kidding"…… U can tell by his face he isn't kidding…how is that taken out of context…

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