Source: Ranking every character in the Gossip Girl Reboot … again! | Gossip Girl HBO Max 2021 | Aki Audrey

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Ranking every character in the Gossip Girl Reboot … again! | Gossip Girl HBO Max 2021 | Aki Audrey

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33 thoughts on “Ranking every character in the Gossip Girl Reboot … again! | Gossip Girl HBO Max 2021 | Aki Audrey

  1. Here's why I feel Zoya should be in inch-resting over choke – I do think she's a conduit to keep the show in check but I also feel like she hasn't truly had the chance to blossom into herself at all. She's definitely a try hard mess at times but isn't that what 14/15 is for?? She's a baby still and arguably everything that's been set in motion for season one was ALL due to her coming in and the ripple effect her being around has caused.

    Zoya IS interesting!

  2. wait coming back with another thought — is it just me or did Mrs. De Haan figure out Miss Keller is gossip girl?? like with that montage scene at the start of ep 12 where she, MOnet, and Luna were combing through all of the tips? and then when Mrs. De Haan met up with Miss Keller for the errands thing and she said "you're a teacher at my daughter's school aren't you? right. that's how we found you." at like min ~1445 of same episode. and at the end Monet is like "anyone could have been It, even me."
    like. like ????? the De Haan's HAVE IT

  3. Wait, what about the creepy gym teacher who was targeting Julien after her dad’s crimes became public?? That was just pathetic, distracting from a predator because his teenage daughter’s an easy target?? Like, sir’s an actual felon 🤢🤡

  4. while audrey is that girlie, i can still not forgive her for outing aki! idk how he got over that so fast- anyways, i can’t deal. i was getting ptsd from when i was outed… 😂😂😂 i digress.

  5. I agree about soya and I’m glad they’re doing that with her cause let’s be real we’re all here for the drama but it’s so important for the show to really spell out that this is just fiction and most of it isn’t ok

  6. leaving the obvious physical similarities, why is everyone so into audrey being a new blair or thinking she will be one when her character is completely different. imo monet might become the next blair and I hope she does bc she's house down amazing

    btw!! loved the video!!! and your hair💜


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  8. I think that Max's parents are also playing into that child-being-the-parent role as they seem to not care about how their divorce is affecting Max by fighting in front of him or bringing around significant others while Max is obviously still reeling as well as being too emotionally reliant on Max as their therapist.

  9. how do u screen record these videos? i wanna do a video of tier making taylor swift or ariana grande something. do i have to download something on my PC to screen record?

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