Translated From: Raúl Santa. Actor of the soap opera ‘Yo soy Betty, la fea’ dies

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Mexico City / 11.16.2021 18:48:28

The fans of the Colombian soap opera Yo soy Betty, la fea are in mourning, because the actor Raúl Santa died, who played Efraín Rodríguez Merchán, better known as Pupuchurro, in the story created by Fernando Gaitán. At the moment the cause of his death is unknown.

“Raúl’s beautiful soul … good trip, dear companion, good trip. We had a lot of fun,” said Julio Cesar Herrera, actor behind the character of Freddy Contreras, on his Twitter account.

The local media La cronica del Quindío reported that the actor died on Monday, November 15 at 1 in the afternoon, “after fighting a painful illness, according to information provided by his relatives.”

In addition, the site noted that Santa had lived in the city of Quindío for 6 years “together with his twin brother Saúl. He had even worked on various regional projects that were broadcast on Telecafé.”

For her part, Ana María Orozco, star of the popular telenovela, shared a message to spread the news among her followers: “I am very sorry for the departure of the beloved actor and colleague Raúl Santa.”

I am very sorry for the departure of the beloved actor and great colleague Raúl Santa. RIP.
I hug you strong my @valeriasanta ???? ❤️

– Ana Maria Orozco (@orozcoanaok) November 15, 2021


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